Quotation1 Yes, I am cryophobic even though I'm suppose to be the next S-S-Snow Queen, but I like f-f-frost because it's like a blanket that keeps the warmth in. Happy? Quotation2

Ylva Dronning is the cryophobic, monophobic, and nyctophobic daughter of the Snow Queen from the tale of the same name ('The Snow Queen', by Hans Christian Andersen). She is an ambivert, which means she is both introverted and extroverted, so she enjoys being alone, while at other times she enjoys being with others.


Personality and TraitsEdit

Ylva Dronning is a bit of a hard girl to negotiate with, nevertheless to talk with, either. She isn't cold, but she isn't very social either. In fact, Ylva is an ambivert, which means she loses energy from being alone, and being with people. She is a rebel because she is deathly afraid of ice, or anything cold (besides frost, since it actually keeps her warm). Ylva will wear sweaters or winter-attire 24/7, because you never know when there will be a random snow storm. Even though she is tough to talk to, she is actually very nice and sweet, but is also very shy. She is prone to having more than one phobia at once, and it adds to her paranoia.

Ylva is known to do well in school, and is very adept and keen when it comes to working on school projects and assignments.

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