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Ivibear, formerly known as ScarletxnightMuffins and XxMysticShadowsxX on DeviantART, or Syd, also known as Scarlet, is a digital artist and writer. She began drawing in 2008 and got her first tablet in 2010. She became apart of the Ever After High Fandom on it's debut but just recently joined this wiki. She's a fangirl and will act like a weaboo at times (sometimes ironically, other times not). She loves history and historical fashion, which translates to her Oc's outfits during period roleplays.

She's a daydreamer and has an overactive imagination, which unfortunately doesn't transfer to her art as much as she'd like. She's an actress and loves creating personas.

Original Characters Edit

Destra Sister - Daughter of the younger Evil Stepsister (from Cinderella)


A rebel who wants to get her own happy ending without sabotaging others.

Crimson Shoe - Daughter of Karen from the Red Shoes


The unfortunately gifted rebel who wants to break her curse before dancing for all eternity.

Amelia Sister (in progress)- Daughter of the Older Evil Stepsister (from Cinderella)


A reluctant royal, not caring who she has to step on to get what she wants.

Reynold Ice (in progress) - Son of the Snow Queen


A royal anticipating a heart of ice, but not ruling alone.

Nilia Wicked (in progress)- Daughter of Elphaba Thropp


A rebel full of energy and spunk, treating her abilities as a gift.

Arlan Wicked (in progress)- Son of Elphaba Thropp


A magic wielding child without a part in his twin's story.

Roleplay Blogs (coming soon) Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Scarlet's in currently college going for her degree in Animation/Illustration.
  • She's been drawing for nearly 6 years.
  • Her birthday is October 9th.
  • She has 2 Ever After High Dolls, Briar Beauty and Raven Queen.
  • She loves Disney and hopes to work for them some day.
  • Her favorite Disney movies are Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Princess and the Frog, and Cinderella 3. Her favorite Disney Princess is Ariel.
  • She loves Musicals such as Wicked and Mamma Mia and wishes to be in one some day.
  • She's a cosplayer.
  • She's loves making OCs, but half of the ones she thinks off never come into being.

External links Edit

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