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Xenon Drakos
Character Profile
Parent Who are your mama and/or papa
Parent Story Janni and the Draken
Powerful Qualities What are your pros
Age 17
Alignment Icon-Rebel Rebel
Roommate Vacant
Secret Heart's Desire To be a nice, caring ogre.
My "Magic" Touch I am good at growing fruit.
Storybook Romance Status I'm supposed to marry Hariklia Yannaki, but I'm not interested in her.
Oh "Curses!" Moments Other ogres find it strange that I eat mainly fruit.
Favorite Subject Environmental Magic. I love the outdoors.
Least Favorite Subject General Villainy. I don't want to be the bad guy.
Best Friends Forever After are you lonely

Xenon Drakos is a 2015 introduced and all around character. Xenon is the successor of the Drakos from Janni and the Draken, a Greek fairy tale appearing in Andrew Lang's Grey Fairy Book.

He was a community OC, but Grimms adopted him~



Xenon is an ogre with yellowish skin, red hair, and green eyes. He has long, pointy ears. He wears a blue and red striped sweater and blue jeans.


Xenon is a quiet young ogre. Unlike most ogres, he's not too big on meat. Instead, he prefers to eat fruit. Other ogres find him to be quite strange. Xenon doesn't have many friends.

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