Quotation1 A girl doesn't need to be pretty to be loved- she just needs to be kind, and see the good side in everyone. Quotation2
Xanthe Nain

Xanthe Nain is the daughter of the Yellow Dwarf from Madame d'Aulnoy's fairy tale by the same name. In the destiny conflict, she is on the Rebel side because she does not wish to hurt anyone, and she is horrified that her destiny states she must kill someone.

She is up for adoption. Until then she is under the care of RoybelGirl, and you cannot edit her unless you adopt her.

Portrayers Edit



Personality Edit

Xanthe is pretty quiet and prefers to keep to herself. She loves oranges. Unlike her father, Xanthe is actually kind-hearted and friendly with other students.

Appearance Edit

Xanthe is a girl whose height is below average. She has short, parted blonde hair with a few lighter blonde streaks, large stone-gray eyes, and a yellowish complexion.

Fairy Tale Edit

Main Article: The Yellow Dwarf

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Xanthe's father is the Yellow Dwarf. Xanthe doesn't know who her mother is, but she does know that she is human.

Friends Edit

Xanthe gets along well with the co-villain of her story, Cassius Dinde, who understands her status as a Rebel. They looks a little strange together- a super tall boy and a very short girl. Bel finds it pretty cute. Xanthe knows about Cassius's crush on Belle Jaune, and she is secretly rooting for them to become a couple, even when she herself is not into romance.

Pet Edit

Xanthe has a little chickadee named Daisy that came to her at animal calling.

Romance Edit

Xanthe finds romance a waste of time. She feels that if she got into a relationship with a boy, it would end badly. She dated a boy once when she was in her first year at Ever After High, but then she broke up with him because she felt that if the relationship continued, it would slowly go downhill.

Outfits Edit

Basic Edit

For her basic, Xanthe wears a cute dark yellow top with off-the-shoulder sleeves, and a light orange tank top underneath. Her skirt is orange with silver and black colored nettle motifs. Her silk tights are white and she wears black hiking boots. Her accessories include a black ribbon choker with a yellow jewel and silver bangle bracelets.


Xanthe belonged to the user NibiruMul, and was going to be turned into a community page before she was adopted by RoybelGirl.

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