Wolfgang Badwolf
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Character Profile
Parent Story Various stories including: The three little pigs, little red riding hood, the wold and the seven young children, the boy who cried wolf, the wolf and the crane, the wolf and the lamb and the dog and the wolf
Age 17
Alignment Royal
Roommate To be added
Secret Heart's Desire I want to be the best of athletes of all time in all sports as well as direct multiple blockbuster movies.
My "Magic" Touch I have 2. I am able to swallow things whole and get them out of my belly when I need it no problem and my huff and puff's will blow you away. Literally
Storybook Romance Status To be added
Oh "Curses!" Moments When I'm sick I destroy everything with my sneezes.
Favourite Subject General Villainy and Grimm-Nastics
Least Favourite Subject Heroics 101, like seriously, why does the son of Big Badwolf have to follow this class.
Best Friends Forever After To be added

Wolfgang Badwolf is the son of the Big Bad Wolf, Mr. Badwolf. He takes over the roll of his father in the tales The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood. He is also the next wolf in the tale of the Wolf and the Seven Young Children and he takes over the mantel of the next wolf in various Aesop Fables including The boy who cried Wolf, The dog and the wolf, the wolf and crane and the wolf and the Lamb. He is Royal and looking forward to his role as villain.



Wolfgang is looking very forward to his role as villain and his personality partially reflects that. The two words that describe him best are arrogant and cocky, but he is able to back his words up. Nevertheless it is this attitude which causes him to be more of loner. He wants everyone to know he is on top. He is a great athlete, but not a good team player. However Wolfgang isn't mean at all. He says his mottto is "everything goes if you win" but a lot of times he goes against this. He is strongly against bullying because he feels that doesn't have anything to do with being a villain, that's just mean. Wolfgang deeply cares for his family and the people he considers his friends, how few this may be. He has various goals in life, be the next Big Bad Wolf, become a Champion in every competitive sport there is and most importantly, become a multiple block buster director. He is never seen without his camera and is always trying to create chaos to get "raw emotions" on film.

Even though his wish is to be a big blockbuster movie director, he falls on the royal side of the royal-rebel conflict. This is cause he does want stories to be retold through the ages, and certain stories just need to have a big bad wolf. No one can play a better bad guy.


He has a human and a wolf like appearance. Although his have 17 years old, his appearance is more older than he looks, being more taller to his age (Around 19/20 years old). His body has more size and build than the typical teenager. His wolf ears are more sharp and furry than Cerise. His eyes are golden dark yellow, and his face is pretty even considered handsome by some girls in Ever After High, in contrast of his "big bad boy" attitude. The two canines of his mouth slightly appear from outside and his fur is dark grey and brown.

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His father is Mr. Badwolf and they have a good relationship. He is the halfbrother of Cerise Hood and deeply cares about her.


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Wolfgang is mostly wearing seen sporting outfit. Whenever he isn't wearing his sporting outfit, he is wearing an opened black leather jacket, with a white shirt under it. The shirt as a black emblem of the face of a wolf's head with a scratch mark through it. With it he wears a pair of dark blue shredded jeans and a black belt. He has a chain to the belt which connects his belt to his (very amateurish) camera, which he usually keeps in his pocket.


  • His class shedule includes: Cooking Class-ic, Storytelling 101, Crownculus, Grimm-nastics and General Villainy. The last one being taught by his dad.


  • "No story is complete without a good villain."


  • His name was thought of by SmartSkittlez.
  • Wolfgang would probably pride himself on being an antagonist in real live, but he's actually more of an anti-hero.


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