Winter Queen is daughter of the Snow Queen, with the story of the same name. Winter is the name she is called by friends, who are all rebels.


Winter most of the time has a 1 track mind. Most of the time she is a gloomy girl, but tries as hard as she can. She is dating Hopper Croakington II. Being poetic, she seems to be able to answer every riddle. When ever Winter is mad, she freezes everything. Raven and Winter have a relationship, because they can both cause black magic by accident. 

Look, Bio, Portrayer, and StuffEdit

Winter Queen has silver eyes, white hair with snowflakes always coming off, and massively pale skin. She wears a dress just like Elsa's, but has glass slippers.


Parent: The Snow Queen

Parent's Story: The Snow Queen

Roommate: Eggbert Dumpty, he's so sweet!

Secret Heart's Desire: For Hopper to be poetic as a human, and for us to wed.

My " Magic " Touch: I can build living sculptures out of snow and ice.

Storybook Romance Status: DUH! I'm in love with Hopper!

"Oh Curses!" Moment: My stupid evil magic! Can't Apple accept me!

Favorite Subject: Creative Writing! I love making romance stories!

Least Favorite Subject: Wooing 101! I can't believe that Daring got me into this!

BFFAs: Mainly all Rebels

If Winter Queen had a portrayer, it would be Idina Menzel.

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