Winter is calm, but gets easily excited. She has lived a very perserved life, much like her family friends. As much as she tries to make new friends, she's a bit lonely.



Fairy Tale: Snow White and Rose RedEdit

Basic SummaryEdit

Winter has a sure-fire chance to inheriting (or even sharing) her mothers story of befriending and protecting Angel White[TBA] and Robin Red [TBA] from Herb Dwarf[TBA.]

How Winter Ties Into ItEdit

Winter and Treaure [TBA] Bear are the twinn children of the Bear.



Winter Bear has a twinn brother named Treasure [TBA] and was orphaned after her mother was killed by a huntsman. But, sometimes she can still feel her mum's prescence.


Has four childhood friends, besides her brother. Angel White[TBA] and Robin Red[TBA], Herb Dwarf[TBA,] Phillip Brother [TBA] Johnson Son [TBA.]


Winter has a stuffed bear she treats like family, a friend, and a pet named Forrest Bear.


Looking for love. She may be burrowing a little crush on an old friend, but it could just be childhood trauma. There's also been a couple of cute jocks and noobs catching her eye.







  • [TBA]

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