Quotation1 I always talk and when I talk I do make sense, your brain is just too lazy to follow me. Quotation2
Willer's personal quote


Personality and SkillsEdit

Willer DuWest is the son of the Wicked WItch of the West.

He has love for magic, a vast intelligence and could be called a genius, that saying, when he's not all hyperactive and enthusiast. Being a witch (or wizard if you prefer), he can cast spells and is always eager to learn more, doesn't matter if it's gonna help or not. A big problem Willer has is that, whenever he talks, he get lost in his own mind and ends up just saying whatever is on it, in a very fast way.

WIller is a magic enthusiast and one of his favorite activities is to make potions, especially laugh potions.

When first met, it's impossible to call him a genius since he'll probably start talking about something that happened some time ago and "reallly need to know!", so, his intelligence is only noticed when he is talking about important subjects, like magic and even kingdom management.

Despite being a Wicked Witch, Willer is not evil, not even close of it and, thanks godmother, takes virtually nothing from his mother, not even uglyness.

Willer loves to have fun and everything he does is for his amusement, for example: following his destiny, in his own words "Funny, people actually think water killed the witch, it just melted her and she came back tolife again. But still, it'll be fun!"


He is not green. WIller is an average height boy with fair skin, golden (not blond, golden) short spiked hair and red eyes. Willer is handsome.

Original StoryEdit

Check for character and story.

From The Wicked Witch to WillerEdit

  • Magical powers.

How Does Willer Come Into?Edit

Envy that now Glinda has a successor, the Wicked Witch of the West created one for herself.



They do love each other, but Willer never lets her forget how hurt he is being the "child born from envy."


He knew all along that people would be ignore and/or fear him the moment the words "Wicked Witch" come out of his mouth, but most students do sympathize with, especially the few moments when his mouth is shut. He is friends forever after with Lalo Von South.


He owns a killer snake called Lil Bit.


He says that he likes wicked girls, which Ever After High seriously lacks.



His everyday attire is white cargo shorts with green suspenders and a red shirt with black sneakers and a black beret. He'll never use a pointy hat because "wouldn't be caught wicked-er in one".

Legacy DayEdit

On Legacy Day he wears a bright red suit with black shoes and a black hat.


Quotation1 Why, the proper way to introduce yourself in Oz is to say your name and then ask the person if he or she is a good witch or a bad witch. I didn't mean to offend you, ms. Please, I was just being polite. Quotation2
Willer explaining the way he introduced himself to Raven
Quotation1 Why do none of you understand?! I am simply saying that I don't want to go swamp swimming. Quotation2
Willer explaining what he previously said, a list of reasons why the swamp is the best place to hunt killer crocodilles
Quotation1 "Only bad witches are ugly", those were the worst words your mother has ever after said, like, everyone misunderstand them, it's so funny, like the water thing, melt is not the same as die, people should know that, but no the narrate the story from Dorothy's view so they all miss the cool parts like- ouch! Don't hit me! Quotation2
Willer being shut by Lalo when discussing about Glinda's poor chioce of words


  • His favorite food is "sugarless everything" due to allergy.
  • The reason he isn't green is because Shinerdiva couldn't find an appropriate shade and because the book never mentioned so...

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