White Lamb
Character Profile
Parent Story Mary Had A Little Lamb
Alignment Icon-RoyalRoyals
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I asked Apple how Daring and she are and she says their "Good"! Something must be going on!

I hear there are new students at Ever After High and they have a secret crush on Cerise! This is hexciting!!

The Enchanted Forest is dying and Daughter Meadow Willow's mother is dead...Poor Meadow!! I'm crying!!

Oh my Royals, Destiny Catherine is awesome at baking!! Check out the Bake Sale at

Legacy Day has past and I haven't been on in the forever after! I am totally active and i will be posting often! ^-^

Hmm..True Hearts Day..Wish i had a prince charming..too bad i'm so shy..they don't even know i'm there..

I just read a poisonous story and i think i'm losing my wool. It was super duper horrifying! I'm Scared!!!!!!!!!!

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