Whisp Grant a sixteen thousand wishes old and daughter of Genie. Protagonist and Antagonist from the story Aladdin. She is wise and sometimes gullible to be tricked. She hates serving bad wishes after she was being evil and wants the whole world running through her shadow hands. She screams and runs back to her lantern when she remembers the bad memories. She live with China Teapot because she calms Whisp when she scream in terror. She likes serving China (finder) because she is wise to use her 13 wishes.



She is destined to find a poor kid (either James Beanstalk and Proud Pauper) to be served with the princess. But that will be like Thousand wishes to be grant. So she is living the life of a Genie and serving to all the finders and being good to them. She sometimes broke the rules when her finders are evil and grants evil wishes. 


Like her sister Gigi, she also has a scorpion hair except different colors (on her right side is blue, the middle is gold and the left side is red) She has freckles running through her medium pink face. She wears a scropion like silk armor also in the right side is blue to the left side is red and a golden strands cover the sides. She has has scorpion traits on her arms. Like [[1]] she also wears baggy pants except hers is white. She wears a lantern like shoes and a silk cloth covers her baggy pants.



Her dad is the Genie, she has two sister Geenie Grant lives in a different lantern and goes to Monster College. Gigi still goes to Monster High because after the last finder's wish is Whisp becomes the new Genie.


In her bio, it is stated she is good friend to China. Also she likes hanging out with Alison and Serena Mermaid because they communicate with the Daughter of Princess Jasmine.


She has a pet scorpion named Duala or Dual-a. Like Whisp she has the same right side blue and the left side red. 


She goes out on a date because she is shy for seeing her as the Scared of Evil-type girl. But she had a giant enchanting crush on Tyler Beast, son of the Prince Beast.


Legacy Day:Edit

Whisp is wearing a blue silk scorpion-like armor. Her hair is dyed blue with red strands. She wore a lamp necklace. She was wearing a red silk baggy pants and her shoes was golden lamp-shape.


She wore a golden leather jacket and a red punk shirt inside. Her hair was tied in a ponytail and her boots was pink. Also her pet Dual-a was wearing a spike leesh (Whisp dresses up punk because she shows that she is tired of living under the golden rule so she quickly shows her Rebel to all Ever AFter High).

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