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About the story Edit

Icy snow and flame bird keep arguing about anything, and clove dragon cant take it much longer or stand her 2 best friends fighting, but when a science project goes wrong, clove disappears and flame and icy have switched destiny's! Flame snow is the daughter of the snow queen all of a sudden and icy bird is the daughter of the fire bird, and it seems time has gong back to the start of legacy year, but one thing, no one remembers clove except for icy and flame, even her brother, dame dragon, does not remember having a sister, and elsieelna and bliss and blythe think flame is apart of their family, and legacy day is coming up, can icy and flame turn their destiny's back and get out of this crazy dimension and back to the EAH they know and bring clove back? or will they be stuck in the dimension and not be able to switch their destiny's back and save clove?

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