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Quotation1 A romantically quaint town where the sun is hot, the moon is a peculiar celestial object and strange flickering lights pass over the bakery. Welcome to Bookend. Quotation2
The starting line of WTBE

Welcome to Bookend is a series of fanfiction written by iEatIdiots. It is a crossover based off the podcast series, Welcome to Night Vale. iEatIdiots regrets nothing.


  • Kitty Cheshire plays the ever so mysterious Cecil Baldwin. She is the voice of Bookend.
  • Lizzie Hearts is Carlos the Scientist, an outsider. Kitty instantly falls in love with Lizzie and Lizzie's perfect hair.
  • Apple White is Josie. Her dwarves are Josie's Angels.
  • Blondie Lockes is the Sheriff, and has a group of people dressed in bear costumes as her secret police. She keeps a close eye on everyone in the community.
  • Hopper Croakington II is the Apache Tracker. Unlike the Apache Tracker, Hopper does not wear racially offensive clothing. Instead, he makes very bad pick-up lines.
  • Milton Grimm is Station Management.
  • Daring Charming is Dana. He is the courageous young intern of Kitty.
  • Cerise is the Man in the Tan Jacket, now known as the Girl in the Red Coat.
  • Cedar Wood is intern Richard.
  • Ashlynn Ella, y'know, the shoe store owner? Well, she's John Peters, y'know, the farmer?
  • Maddie Hatter is Kevin R Free, the cheerful, but strangely macabre, Desert Bluffs double of Cecil Baldwin.
  • Alistair is Steve Carlsburg. He's confused about the insanity in Bookend, and Kitty dislikes him. A lot.
  • Sparrow Hood has been confirmed for Earl. 
  • Giles Grimm is StrexCorp. We are you.

Where to FindEdit

  • Possible Official Tumblr Blog
  • once the first chapter is done
  • AO3 because I love its layout
  • You realise this page is just filler until chapter one is done?
  • It will be on in the EAH tags somewhere
  • I know the previews and teasers are in the ever-after-high tag on ieatidiots' tumblr.





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