W. Circe West is the daughter of the Wicked Witch of the West from Wizard of Oz. She is a royal and she is fine with her destiny. Circe has a connection to Linda Goodwitch for some odd reason.

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Circe is a trickster by heart but a player in her mind. She enjoys to play chess and a few sports. Circe mostly loves to play tricks on students and teachers. She enjoys to use her powers even though she is banned to. Circe can explode in laughter when she does something or says something that may creepy you out. Her mind is filled with her imaginative thoughts and interests so she may get distracted when she thinks of something that has been on her mind for a while.


Circe has green hair with black streaks. Her eyes are grey and her lips are a light green. Circe has her hair in a ponytail that is tied with a black bow and her ponytail is put over her shoulder. She is 5"6 and she weights 99lbs.




Circe is an only child, she has a great relationship with her mother. She feels that she has a connection to Linda Goodwitch, who is her cousin.


Circe doesn't have many friends since people think she is evil and creepy, from her mother and because she tricks students. But her only friends that get her are Veil Handed and Kilala "Cheshire" Cat.


Circe has a pet flying monkey named Niki. She met Niki when she flying around in the forest and she bumped into the clumsy flying monkey. Niki was shy at first but he opened up to Circe afterwards.


Circe doesn't have any enemies but when she is around Apple, she wants poison her so she will go into eternal rest.


Circe isn't planning on getting any boyfriends since she also believes men are just jokes and so immature. They are such a bother to Circe.



Circe wears a long dress that has two layers, the first layer is green with a felt in the middle, and the second layer is a dark green with black dots. (Mazia kind of dress) She wears a headband with a witch at on it and it is black with a star on the belt.

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  • Circe is a name that means witch or sorceress.
  • The W stands for Wicked

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