Quotation1 I just love how my best friend is there for me <3 Quotation2
Vixen unknowingly friendzoning Silvia Hound

Vixen Red is the sneaky daughter of Tod, or The Fox, from the novel The Fox and the Hound. She doesnt want her destiny, and hopes to be able to have a family and have a happy ending. 



Vixen kinda describes all of the stereotypical things about a fox. She is sneaky, sly, cunning, and what her name implies: a true vixen. She can be nice, but its hard to tell if she really means it or not, since she does lie. But she never lies to Silvia Hound, since she is her crush. Vixen really doesnt want to die, and doesnt want Silvia to die either. She is in good terms with some students, but she cant stand Apple White. Vixen considers herself as a rogue, so she always likes to pick fights with princesses. 

She is also in the Debate team, and sneaks her way to being right al the time, but at times it fails. She cant stand how she is called the villain, since there was not really an antagonist in her story. She isnt evil, she is just being what she is: a fox. 


Vixen likes to walk around the Enchanted Forest with Silvia, and often stalks Throneblr and posts a bunch of selfies of herself in every room she walks into. She likes to brush her long bushy tail until the point where its knotless. (Hehe. Get it >w>) 


Vixen has orangey red short fluffy hair, dark brown eyes, medium-reddish skin, two fluffy fox ears on her head, a small muzzle, and a huge long fluffy fox tail with a snow white tip. 

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