Quotation1 Funny. You actually think I have feelings. Quotation2
Vivian, when asked if she's okay

Vivian East is the reserved daughter of the Wicked Witch Of The East.

Her owner's driver page is Emmarainbow432's driver page.



Vivian East is an extreme ice queen. She always sports a blank face and barely talks. She has few friends for this reason, and tends to blend into society.

She is quite out of the loop, as she doesn't own a phone or the likes. She has the tendency to tune out everything and focus on her thoughts or diary.

In her diary (which she guards with her life) she comes off as intelligent, sarcastic, and funny. There are multiple drawings, and are drawn with the skill of a five year old.


Vivian has Hispanic roots, and has black silky hair and black eyes. Her color scheme is blue and white.

Fairy tale – Fairy Tale Name HereEdit

How the Story Goes

Dorothy gets caught in a tornado, kills a two witches, and gets free shoes for her stay at Oz.

How does Character Name come into it?Edit

Vivian means east, while East means east.



Her parents died under a house, so she lived with bandits.


She has two friends and a quiet relationship with both.

Blizzard Queen is her roommate due to their similar roles in their fairytales.


She treats her diary like her pet.


She has a severe crush on ((blank)).



She wears a white, flowy, button up with a blue blazer and skirt. Since legacy day, she wears her famous diamond shoes.

Legacy DayEdit

She wears a blue evening gown with her famous diamond shoes, which she wore since Legacy day.


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