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"I hate people and I hate helping people." -VisionEdit

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Vision Bloodsting

Parent: The Evil Fairy.

Royal or Rebel: Royal. Duh. I want to get my own kingdom! So what I don't catch Briar in the end! I got everything else I wanted!

Roommate: I don't have a roommate at the moment. 

My 'Magic' Touch: I can really cause some chaos due to my ability to shape shift! I can turn into all sorts of different animals and really kick up a scare!

"Oh Curses" Moment: Whenever somebody catches me doing something I'm not supposed to be doing

Favourite Subject: Grimm-nastics It's so easy to sneak out of!

Least Favourite Subject: Arts and Crafts- It's a class for babies! 


Friends:  I have friends, but they make me want to kill them and myself. I also have people that I use on a regular basis. My friends 

Relationships: I was dating a boy from my literature camp, but he ended up turning into a toad (with a little help from me). Jerk. 

Family: Me and my mom are close. She taught me everything I know! I know my fate is in good hands! If your wondering about my other family, I'm not going to tell you. So shut up.

Pets: I have a pet tiger named Dukey, he used to be a powerful duke, but he's much better as a pet.


Vision is a sassy, slightly- insane girl. She is power hungry and is not one to mess with. Although she is new to Ever After High. Though tough as nails, but she is usually sweet and sarcasstic around her friends! She is very smart and sly.


  • Everything Else tba
  • This is based off the creator's friend Hope
  • Creator is Mk_marvelgirl

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