Quotation1 I shall be queen, and no one shall stop me.! Quotation2
Vick's personal quote
Victoria Vicky/Tori White

Personality and skillsEdit

Victoria White is the seventh daughter of the White Queen, she is silly and does not like the fact that her oldest sister Elizabeth gets to be Queen and not her, she is a bit selfish and has a very good opinion of herself. She says that all the kids in the royal family had graduated except herself, Lily and their older brother, Harry. She is very silly and wants to be Queen rather that Elizabeth, unfortunately this doesn't sit well with her family, though Lily and Harry don't seem so disturbed by the fact that her sister wants the throne for herself.

Appearance and style Edit

Vicky has extremely pale blonde hair with white to pale gray streaks and has skin paler than Apple White's. Her eyes are also pale gray.

Relationships Edit


Her parents are the White King and Queen. She has 7 siblings and she is 7th born of eight children. She has mentioned three: Lily, Elizabeth and Harry White


Despite being selfish, her BFFAs are Snowline W. Rabbit and Lindsay Lizard


The family cat; Princess FluffyPants IV


She does not care for boys.



She wears a puffy, white to gray ball gown made short so that it only reaches to her knees, her hair hangs slightly past her shoulders and she has a pale gray Alice band in hair. She wears dark gray stilettos and white leggings. She wears a triple string of pearls necklace. Her lipstick is also gray.

Legacy DayEdit

On Legacy Day she wears a full length ball gown that is extremely pale gray with white to dark gray, glittery designs. Her hair is piled upon her head and a white gold tiara in the middle. Her shoes are unseen, but she is seen picking out glittering, silver shoes from The Glass SlipperTM. Her makeup is White eyeshade and lipstick. She wears white gold bracelets and earrings




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