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Veronica Dark

Veronica Dark is the daughter of the Wicked Witch of the West from the fairytale Wizard of Oz.


Veronica Dark would be voiced by Lea Salonga or Jennifer Hale. If you don't know Lea Salonga, she voices Mulan and Jasmine (as singing voices) at Mulan and Aladdin. Jennifer Hale voices many characters in many shows.



She acts like her mother. But in her inner side she is loyal, fun and generous, but she is evil in inner and outer sides. Glace Snow knows Veronica's real personality, but Veronica does not know about this.


coming soon...



Veronica lives with her mother, the Wicked Witch of the West. The Good Witch of the South, Glinda, is her aunt. Elizabeth Light, her current roommate, is her cousin.


Veronica does not have friends, but, she is getting closer with Glace.


Veronica owns a pet named Monica (she named it Monica because both of their names end with "onica"), a black phoenix.


She does not think about romance right now, she is thinking about her cousin.



Her basic is a lot like Vampelina from Bratzillaz.

Legacy DayEdit

Getting FairestEdit


Quotation1 Fine. I forgive you. Quotation2
Veronica at Glace Snow's Basic Diary.
Quotation1 I have a really fine collection of brooms. Quotation2
Veronica at Interviewing Veronica.
Quotation1 I am Veronica Dark. And... Uhh... I pledge to be the next... Wicked Witch of the West...!? Quotation2
Veronica at Legacy Day


The owner is busy doing Elizabeth Light and doing all their Basic outfits. So her appearances are coming soon!


  • Her birthday is on February 17, the day before the birthday of the owner's brother.

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