Vera Frost is the daughter of Father Frost from the Russian tale of the same name.


Vera is a bit rude, and arrogant. She thinks a bit too highly of herself, and is kinda evil-ish. She protests a bit and gets a bit angry when you insult her clothing style (she wears punk clothes).



Father (Father Frost): Vera and her father get along quite well.

Mother (Snow Queen): Vera has been seen talking on the phone with her mother, but changes the subject whenever someone asks about her. Pretty much no one outside of her family (Most people in her family know except for Icy) knows who Vera's mom is.

Sister (Stormy Frost): Vera and Stormy get a long kinda ok...But, it kind of annoys Vera that she's the ONLY one of her siblings who's a Royal.

Sister (Icy Snow): Vera barely talks to Icy (Who doesn't exactly know that Vera is her sister). She kinda watches over her from a far in a way.

Brother (Fredrick Frost): Fredrick is like 2 years younger than Vera. Vera finds him a bit of a pest, and Fredrick is kind of embarrassed to have Vera as a sister (Vera is a tad oblivious to that).


She used to have a friend but, her friend moved back under the sea.


Vera has made MANY of them (due to her "arguing problem" (Actually, she has anger issues but, won't admit it)).


Her last boyfriend (William Sailor) left her for some other girl (Melissa Nymph). Vera hasn't dated a guy since that.


Vera has long dark chocolate brown hair, very pale skin, and deep blue eyes.


Kaitlyn Dever would be a good portrayer for Vera, they have the same age, hair, and fair skin. And their attitudes are quite similar.

Kaitlyn Dever.


  • Vera has a commanding Russian accent (The story of Father Frost is Russian you know)