Vanessa Witch is the free-spirited, but snarky and quite the evil little daughter of the sea witch.


Vanessa is quite the nerd, in looks, and sometimes can Live like one. She is free spirited, and loves to do what she wants, but she can also be quite snarky, and very evil when she wants to be.



Hailee Steinfeld


Kristen Stewart would most probebly voice Vanessa due to the cute mono tone, and she small accent hiding beneath it all. Her voice during the twilight series was actually very nice, and when Bella got mad, it made it even better. 

Live ActionEdit

Vanessa would be portrayed by Hailee Steinfeld in live action due to the resemblence of the two. Vanessa has the same coloured eyes, and almost the same colour hair, and also due to her famous roles in films, that would greatly suit Vanessa.



My mother is the sea witch, the wanna-be ruler of the sea. I can imagine how painful it would be to be banished, but still.... She was really lonely. My father is a mermaid, who fell for one of my mothers sneaky potions. My mother later gave birth to me.


Repeat that? I really have no friends... Nobody to talk to.. Nobody to share my secrets with.. Nobody who would even look my way... I guess i'm just like my mother in a way, sad and lonely...


I have a light crush on Sandrew Beaches but, I don't think it will work out.


My pet is my precious baby eel Manda, she is everything to me, I can talk to her like all mermaids can talk to fish, and... well... I like to say she's my only friend...


  • Her name is based off the move "The Little Mermaid" When the Sea Witch turns into the human, it is heard in the vowels the name "Vanessa" so I choice that for the Sea Witches daughters name.

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