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tyvainea "tyv" lykke thief [she/her or they/them] is the youngest daughter of the little robber girl from hans christian andersen's the snow queen and the younger half-sister of stæja "abigail" thief. due to her sister deciding not to take up the role of the little robber girl, tyv has taken up that role instead. she's a basically the definition of "adorkable" with her endearing rambling about her interests and slight social awkwardness, however her sharp-tongue and her intimidating aura makes her someone you shouldn't mess with. 

on the whole destiny conflict, tyvainea aligns with both royal and rebel, making her a roybel. it has always been her dream to become the next little robber girl and she had envied the fact that her sister had this role (albeit she was under the influence of a cursed demon possession), but now that her sister has given her role to her, she feels less willing to fulfill the destiny. despite those feelings, she doesn't want to let both her mother and sister down.

she is a 2014-introduced and fanon-only character created by lesbean-mercy.


backstory and originsEdit

  • albany met a swashbuckler named andre at a pub when she was travelling -- she and yven, abigail's father, had since separated.
  • she and andre seemed to take a liking to eachother, though neither of them pursued a serious relationship with each other.
  • they then had a one-night stand with each other and albany became pregnant with her second daughter -- tyv.
  • albany then became distant with andre and then stopped communicating with him altogether -- andre had a feeling that he had impregnated albany but he wasn't completely sure (and he felt somewhat hurt that she stopped talking to him but he was able to move on soon after).
  • after tyv was born, albany tried to raise tyv on her own to see if she was competent enough to take care of her child -- she lost faith in her parenting skills after tyv turned six years old and left her to be taken care of by her parents bjørn and orchard.

personality & traitsEdit



  • tyv is slightly chubby with dark brown skin.
  • her facial features are described as....
    • her face is somewhat round and youthful, but there is a sullen feel to her facial features (this is hinting at how she was under a malicious curse that affected her greatly) with light freckles on her face and body.
    • her almond-shaped eyes are two different colors; the right eye is the usual color her eyes are supposed to be, dark brown, while her left eye is very pale blue
      • after the curse was lifted from her, an unfortunate side effect was tyv being unable to see out of her left eye as that was where the shards of the cursed mirror had fallen.
      • there are very prominent eyebags under her eyes as a result of lack of sleep.
    • her bulbous nose is slightly upturned.
  • she's not very tall (but taller than her older sister abi lol) and is 5 feet and 4 inches -- she does get a slight height boost from the boots wears and makes her seem 5 feet and 5 inches.
  • her dark brown hair is cut in a a messy pixie-cut with some bangs swept to the side and clipped by two black hairpins.
  • her nails are painted black.

interests & hobbiesEdit

  • cool-looking knives + knife whittling
    • especially the ones that have that throneblr aesthetic feel, y'know? like this one!
    • she likes to carve little things with her knives, though she sometimes gets cuts and whatnot from her occasional carelessness (these cuts are often quite visible on her fingers).
  • soft grunge fashion
    • she particularly likes jackets and clothing with subtle rips and distress (like torn socks, jeans, or skirts)
  • cryptid hunting
    • she and her sister abi go out late at night to find cryptids and rare fae as a way to bond with each other
  • "collecting" small and shiny objects
    • she also really likes collecting buttons, pins, and badges!!
  • writing stories + coming up with her own fairytales
  • chemythstry + alchemy
  • cryptozoology and study of rare fae and the occult
  • alternative pop music

fairy tale – the snow queenEdit

how the story goesEdit

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how does tyv come into it?Edit


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