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Tyler Kameron Charming is a 2018-introduced all-around character. He is the second son and middle child of the Sixth Dancing Princess, the younger fraternal twin brother of Jordan Dancer and the older brother of Audrey Charming. In the destiny conflict, Tyler is on the Rebel side as he wants to be there for his sister but would love to enter all the parkour competitions he can.



At first, Tyler seems like the chill older brother, older classmate. But deep down, he does have his own issues, very much like Audrey. He is on very bad terms with his older twin brother at the moment due to things in the past and refuses to talk about it. He does have a somewhat temper when it involves his brother and mother, but before his "temper" can get to him, he tends to leave the room.

He is on good terms with Audrey and she is probably one of the only ones of his family he talks to, including his father. Like some older brothers, Tyler is highly protective over Audrey and greatly worries for her mental health due to what happened when they were younger. He is very observant which helped him realize something was wrong with Audrey.

Tyler is very grateful to Meghan Alington for being there for his sister and counts on her to help keep Audrey happy and not fall back into her dark days.

When it comes to the love department, Tyler doesn't really care, seeing as he is also panromantic. He supports his friends' sexuality and doesn't really care who they like.

Tyler cares for his girlfriend Beauty Bonjour very much and does worry when she's off parkouring by herself. He knows the sport itself is dangerous at times. It took awhile for him to get the hang that he was dating someone, but soon got the hang of it. They usually spend their dates at the park, and sometimes the skate park for Beauty.


As Jordan's fraternal twin, Tyler looks nothing like him, having gotten his looks from his father, Cameron. Tyler has dark brown hair styled in a somewhat upward cut and amber brown eyes. Unlike his brother, Tyler gained Cameron's height, standing a at a good five foot eight. Tyler is mostly seen in dark colors along with a bright light blue shading in some. 

Interests and hobbies


Tyler is hextremely athletic and almost has to be doing something. He hates standing still. He first got into parkour when he was around thirteen and fourteen years old. After trying it (but didn't finish the course) he loved the feel of rushing and running. He began to train, and with his father's help and sister's support, he strived to go further. He now enters competitions as much as he can, but with school, he limits himself.


Tyler isn't sure what to call dancing at least not yet. He did it because his mother and older brother did it but never fully enjoyed it. It was only later when he went to the Red Shoe Dance Club with Meghan and Audrey did he find Freestyling fun. While he doesn't do it as much as Audrey, he does enjoy it a lot. He is there for all her competitions supporting her.



  • Swordsmanship: Tyler learned swordsmanship from his father back when he didn't know what he wanted to do with his life.
  • Horseback riding: Tyler, like his siblings was taught how to ride a horse since back home they only have horses.
  • Dancing: Tyler was taught dancing at the same time as Jordan, but he never fully embraced it as Jordan did. He did quit at one point, but does occassionally join Audrey.
  • Parkour: Tyler's main talent and skill. He is highly athletic and is able to leap and climb over various structures quite quickly.

Fairy Tale

Prince Charming is a fairy tale character who comes to the rescue of a damsel in distress, and stereotypically, must engage in a quest to liberate her from an evil spell. This classification suits most heroes of a number of traditional folk tales, including "Snow White", "Sleeping Beauty" and "Cinderella", even if in the original story they were given another name, or no name at all.

Often handsome and romantic, these characters are essentially interchangeable, serving as a foil to the heroine; in many variants, they can be viewed as a metaphor for a reward the heroine achieves for the decisions she makes. The prominence of the character type makes him an obvious target for revisionist fairy tales. "Prince Charming" is also used as a term to refer to the idealized man some people dream of as a future spouse.

How does Tyler Fit Into It?

As the son of a Prince Charming, Tyler's rule is like any other prince. He is fine with not having a set destiny and uses the freedom to focus more on his parkour.




Tyler's relationship with his parents it unknown. He doesn't talk to them much, especially his mother due to her focusing all her attention on Jordan. His relationship with his father is a bit better but still a bit distant due to Cameron's work as King and Commander.

Audrey Charming

Quotation1 Audrey means everything to me. Quotation2
Tyler about Audrey
Tyler's relationship with his younger sister is much better than with any family member. He is the only one to actually pay attention to her. He cares greatly for her and understands how she feels about feeling not wanted. Because of the strong bond he holds with his sister, he is often the one Audrey gotes to when she has an issue with their mother. Tyler hold his bond very close to his heart and refuses to tell Jordan anything.

Jordan Dancer

Quotation1 He doesn't understand what Audrey and I deal with because of him being "Mother's Chosen One". Quotation2
Tyler about Jordan
As children, Tyler and Jordan were very closer, like some twins. But, as Tyler got older, the brotherly relationship turned sour, especially when he noticed he and Audrey were being pushed to the side by their mother in favor of Jordan. Tyler refuses to acknowledge Jordan most of the time, and only puts up with him because they are roommates.

Tyler cannot stand being in the same room as his brother and has tried countless times for a new roommate, only to get denied every single time. Tyler is saving up to get an apartment of his own so he can be away from his brother.

Delancey Dancer

His relationship with his cousin, Delancey, is not much. He cares for her and does wish she could discover what she wants, he understands what she wants.

Justine Dancer

Tyler's relationship with his youngest cousin Justine is unknown at the moment.

Carine "Cari" Charming

In the future, Tyler has a daughter with Beauty who they name Carine, Cari for short. He is known to be very protective of Cari and wants what is best for her. But, he knows not to get too protective or else she could rebel badly.


Meghan Alington

Tyler respects Meghan and trusts her completely to help keep Audrey in the light. Since Tyler can't be all the time with his sister, he counts on Meghan to be there for her. Tyler treats Meghan like a sister, which she very much likes.


Before attending school, Tyler went into the forest near his home and found an orphan baby Chimera. He watched the baby for month before noticing no parent. He took it home and secretly raised it. Eventually, Jordan learned of the pet since he was roommates with Tyler, but because they were in school already Jordan couldn't do a thing. Tyler later named the baby "Chimmy".


Tyler is panromantic, not caring on what someone is.

Beauty Bonjour

Tyler and Beauty met during one of his parkour competitions. Beauty had gotten lost in the crowd and ended up running into him. (more tba)


Artwork Tyler's outfits

Signature - Rebel

Tyler wears outfits made for parkouring since he is always doing some form of parkour after classes are finished for the day.


Legacy Day






Getting Fairest


Class Schedule

Tyler's classes Class Names
Period 1 Hero Training
Period 2 Geografairy
Period 3 Grimmnastics
Period 4 Science and Sorcery
Period 5 Kingdom Management
Period 6 Crownculus


Quotation1 You know nothing! You don't know what Audrey and I deal with because Mother favors you! You're mother's angel while we deal with having no attention what so ever! Quotation2
Tyler and Jordan arguing.


The name of Tyler's possible face claim is unknown. His voice actor is unknown at this time.


  • Originally, Tyler was going to have an estranged relationship with Audrey but that idea was scrapped.
  • Tyler works part-time at two jobs, the Red Dancing Shoe club, and Meghan Alington's father's bookstore. 
  • Even though he is 17, because on how he acts most of the time and his height, people think Tyler is 18.
  • Tyler has a habit of brushing his hand through his hair. He does this when he's either stressed or annoyed.
  • Tyler was named after his father, but with a different spelling. 
  • Tyler's Mirror Blog name would be @ParkourCharming


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