Twixledee is the daughter of Tweedledee, from Through the Looking-Glass.



Twixledee is rather kind-hearted yet she is rather smart and a bit of a teachers pet. She can be a little shy when it comes to making friends, but if anything, is okay when it comes to social skills. She is sweet at heart and would do ablosutly anythin for her friends, thought she finds it hard to show it.


She has  curly orange/red hair with a black streak through it, brown eyes, freckles and a pale complexion. She is the average high for her age, but is quite underweight, but she isn't anerexic. 



Her father is Tweedledee, and her mother, well.. Its a secret, but she is a spitting-image of her mother.

Her uncle is Tweedledum, meaning her cousine is Twixeydum, since Twixeydum's mother didn't want her to have the same "Twixa-licious" name as Twixledee.

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