Quotation1 No, no.. I am okay.. Quotation2
Tundra when she is asked if she is alright.

Tundra is the daughter of the Ugly Duckling, and is confused since she thinks she is ugly, but she really isnt. She doesnt believe when people tell her she is beautiful since they dont want her to feel bad. 



Tundra loves to go on the computer, since its the only place where she can show her true colors. She loves to roleplay, but is often not included in most. She is also modest and secretive to her other roleplay 'friends'. She says she is okay but she often feels left out and pushed out. She has never told them this, and wants to keep it that way. She also thinks she is really a duck that will transform into a swan, clueless that she is really a swan the whole time. She wants to have her own opinion without seeming like slagging someone off like she is told she does. She also feels shy when she is around people who are superior to her and is terrified of princesses. She is invited to Roleplays, but she declines since she would be left out anyways so why even bother. 


Tundra has blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin. 

Fairytale- the Ugly DucklingEdit

The Ugly Duckling



Tundra's father was the Ugly Duckling, but never explained to her that she is indeed a swan, not an ugly duckling. 


Tundra counts her roleplay partners as her friends, though they leave her out most of the time. She doesnt mind, but feels it needs to stop without hurting their feelings. She also tags along with Donna Di'Fuoco sometimes. 

But there is one roleplayer that seems to not leave her out all the time, and that is Masuyo Usagi, but she doesnt know her in real life yet :P 


Tundra is not interested in Romance. 


  • Tundra is a bit based off Mishachu Tubby, her creator. 
  • She was named after the Tundra Swan
  • Her last name means Appearance in danish
  • Her Roleplay friends are Emily, Abilen, and Mayae

Theme SongEdit


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