Quotation1 I will find my love and capture his heart then make him my king! Quotation2
Tundra said this on Legacy Day right after she said her destiny.
Tundra Maiden is the daughter of The Ice-Maiden from the same story with the same name. Tundra is perfectly fine with her destiny on kissing the son of Rudy and capturing his heart and drowing him on the day before his wedding, and making him her king consort.

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Tundra has a cold heart since she is destined to be the next Ice-Maiden. She is happily excited on capturing the heart of the son of Rudy and making him her king. Even though Tundra has a cold heart, she mostly filled with excitement and love. 

Tundra mostly only opens her true self to her love which is still being found and she only opens to her BFFA, which is Frozen Snow. Coldness only comes to her when she is around people she doesn't trust or around people who bother her. But love,happiness,and excitement enter her when she is around people she cares and loves.


Tundra has snow colored hair that is long and in a curly high ponytail. She has ice colored eyes and her skin is paler than pale. Tundra is 5"7. She wears white lipstick and white eyeshadow.


In "The Ice-Maiden", written towards the end of Hans Christian Andersen’s career, Anderson tells the tale of Rudy, a boy who lost both his parents and goes to live with his uncle. The reader is first introduced to Rudy as he sells toy houses made by his grandfather. Eventually the reader learns that Rudy’s mother was killed when she fell into a crevasse while she was holding Rudy, but that Rudy was saved by a kiss from the ice maiden. Throughout the story, the ice maiden is unwavering in her attempts to possess him. As the story progresses, it follows Rudy into adulthood. He meets and falls in love with a girl, Babette, and they are to be married, but the ice maiden finally succeeds in winning his heart and he drowns on the night before the wedding. He is then made king consort to the Ice Maiden.



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