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Tsiry Voromahery is the son of the roc from The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor.



Tsiry is a gigantic, imposing roc with green and blue feathers. His eyes are bright yellow. His legs are long and silver, and have sharp talons on them.


Despite his size, Tsiry is kind and gentle. He is willing to give others rides on his back. He possesses wisdom far beyond his years, for rocs are said to be very intelligent, but he also possesses a childish innocence.


Tsiry is a young roc. His mother is queen of the rocs and rules from atop the mountains of northern Madagascar. The rocs are venerated by the locals living around the mountains, but feared by sailors from all over.

Tsiry is the next roc, set to attack Sinbad's ship. Tsiry does not seek to attack the next Sinbad. Rather, he wants to be at peace with the sailor.

Ever After High is a somewhat tough place for Tsiry due to his size. He doesn't have any problems making friends, but it's hard for him to get around due to the buildings not being able to fit him inside. He can't fit in the dorms and has to sleep in the forest with the other animals, which he has gotten used to after a while.

Sometimes, Tsiry likes to show off his strength by lifting heavy objects. He is able to pick up large animals and carry them off.



Tsiry is the son of the queen and king of the rocs. He has several older sisters. Since rocs can live for over 300 years, Tsiry's siblings have sizable age gaps between them.


Tsiry's friends are the other rocs back home. He also enjoys the company of the elephant birds and lemurs that live in the surrounding woods. Troops of giant lemurs guard the rocs' home.


Tsiry doesn't have any enemies.


Tsiry is single.


  • Tsiry's surname means "eagle" in Malagasy. (The roc is often described looking similar to an eagle.)
  • Tsiry's favorite food is koba, a traditional Malagasy sweet made from ground peanuts.
  • If he were an official character, he would be voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch.