Treasure Bear is the son of the Bear in Snow White and Rose Red.

His shyness always gets the best of him.

Treasure Bear
Treasure Bear 1

Treasure Bear Basics

Character Profile
Parent Story Snow White andRose Red
Age 17 
Alignment Rebel
Roommate Coal Owl (TBA)
Secret Heart's Desire I just want to see my friends happy. Forget about me, put them first.
My "Magic" Touch Some people like to say I can predict the future, I am just really attentive.
Storybook Romance Status I am not really looking for love, but I can definitely see somepeople in my future.
Oh "Curses!" Moments Slipping up and shutting down in front of the fairest of them all.
Favourite Subject Che-myth-stry. I love accomplishing something.
Least Favourite Subject Grimmnastics. Isn't exactly my scene.
Best Friends Forever After Robin Red and Angel White.

Fairy Tale: Snow White and Rose RedEdit

Basic SummaryEdit

Treasure is a shy friend of Angel White and Rose Red. He always tries to conquer his fear when it is the least fortunate for him.



Winter Bear is Treasure's sister and only friend.


Treasure's only friends are Angel White, Rose Red, his sister Winter, and Herb Dwarf (TBA).


Treasure has no plans for his future and none in his destiny.



His basic outifit consists of dark jeans and a turquoise tee shirt with multi-patterned sleaves. 




  • [TBA]

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