Trapped in the Mirror is a song performed by Cursed Fariytale, a band created by MeredithAgnesPoe and MonsterGirl2002. The song was written by MonsterGirl2002. For more infomation on the band, please check the Cursed Fairytale page. 



Struggling, hurting and fear...I didn't have any other plan...For sure I couldn't just stare and stand...I'm trapped in the mirror!


Hoping that someone will see me for who I really am...Crying, but I'm not ashamed nor sorry for who I am...I was that kicked useless can...


But I couldn't do anything about it...Because I'm trapped in the mirror! Trying to find my real reflection, I wanna look like those who have actual lives...But I don't hate myself for who I am...


I just need that person who will be there for me...When I'm trapped in the mirror! But I couldn't care less for how much I got nearer...Because I'm trapped in the mirror...Save me if you believe that I'm special...Because that will break the spell...

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