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A New Orientation:Edit

Like a play script with a megaphone, Legacy Day is calling out to us all. This year is the year we have to pledge to follow the same path in life as our parents. Some turtlely love their destinies but I, on the other hand/flipper, am not entirely happy with the card destiny has dealt me. My father is the Mock Turtle of Wonderland so if I take the pledge, some day down the line my body will change species- I'll become a mock turtle and I must therefore swim in sorrow like fish swim in the sea, pining for the days when I was a real turtle.

My father is well known for his emotional state but I don't want that for me. Being sad is a terrible feeling. Well no, the emotion I'm talking about is worse than sadness. It's an illness, it makes the brain sick, it hurts a person's life in ways you can't even imagine yet all people do is use it trivially as an adjective for my dad. I think it's mean to label someone's defining trait as an illness they're suffering from. It's like someone's defining trait being the fact they have a broken leg or that they can't hear- it's not part of their personality so why should it describe them? I don't want that to happen to me if I can help it, yes, I can't stop the chance of me becoming ill but ideally I'd rather not go through an experience like that. I'm not keen on the idea of constant sorrow.

There's talk of change in the air though. There's talk of rewriting that loud script. But I couldn't not pledge my destiny, could I? Otherwise me and everyone else in Wonderland would be soup.

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