Top of The Clock is a Fanfiction about Hickory Mouse starting her Legacy Year at Ever After High and her decision of becoming a Rebel.


Hickory's father has been injured since he fulfilled his fairy tale. Now, it's her turn. She sits at the top of the clock thinking that soon she will fall and break almost every bone in her body.

Top of The ClockEdit

  • Chapter 1: Off To Ever After High

Hickory awoke to the smell of cream cheese bagels. Today was the start of a brand new year at Ever After High. She gobbled the cream cheese bagel on her plate, not savoring a single bite. After her breakfast, she shrank to mouse form to visit her father who was laying in bed, resting from his famous injury. Hickory's father is famous for his stunt of climbing up a grandfather clock at exactly at 11:59:59, when it struck twelve and caused him to dive down. "Dad?" she announced "I'm ready to head to Ever After High." "That's nice sweetheart. Sadly I am in a bad condition and can't take you there personally. Just take the Magic Mouse Portal 'cross the hall" he replied.

  • Chapter 2:  Not Willing

She exited her father's bedroom and grew to human height. She knocked on the knobless oak door of the portal and in front of her stood a wispy rainbow vortex leading to the boarding school. She stepped through and arrived in the hall of her dorm. She read the metal plating: HICKORY MOUSE AND PERIWINKLE BOOTS. In the little dorm sat Hickory's BFFA, Periwinkle, working with her embroidery. She ran over to greet her roomie. "I set up a little grandfather clock for you cause I always know you like sitting up there when your having a rough time."

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