The next day at Ever After High, Hailey became a little curious about Ashlynn. She spied on her the whole day, in her dorm, which she was spying on her out from the window, struggling to stay still as she was on a rope but then fell in a tree, she spied on her in the girls' bathroom when she was fixing up her make-up, in the castleteria, during class, in the hallways, out of the school, at her locker. Everywhere possible. But Hailey didn't find much. She only found out that Briar is throwing a party on Friday and that she invited Ashlynn to help her decorate the dorm,  saying that Blondie is coming to help, too. And that was it. Nothing interesting at all. But that didn't make Hailey give up.

That night, Hailey snuck out of her dorm, to Briar's and Ashlynn's dorm, with a small flash-light and hoping to not wake up Ashlynn nor Briar, but Briar would definantly be in deep sleep. So Hailey got in the dorm, closed the door gently, and went over to Ashlynn's side of the dorm. She looked through Ashlynn's closet, drawers and books and notebooks. Nothing. Then Hailey spotted Ashlynn's phone, but before she could do anything, Ashlynn woke up and Hailey hid in a small dark corner. Ashlynn looked at her phone and was quite surprised of what she saw on the phone. She got out of bed and grabbed her phone, put on a jacket and her shoes and left the dorm. Hailey followed, but not after long, in the hallways, she lost Ashlynn and she no where in sight.

The next day, Hailey was just in the hallways, on her way to class, wanting to get there early so Professer Piper wouldn't get mad or in a bad mood, then she spotted Ashlynn chatting up with HUNTER, her brother.

"Hunter talking to ASHLYNN? What the forest?" Hailey thought.

So she went over to the two students who were very close to her and asked, "Hey guys. What are you talking about?" Hailey tried to keep her voice even, not too curious or something.

Hunter looked at his sister and said immediantly, "Nothing. We were just talking about...."

"How hard is Enchanted Maths," Ashlynn told Hailey quickly.

"Yeah! It's so hard! It', confusing sometimes," Hunter agreed with Ashlynn.

"Uh-huh...." Hailey mumbled.

"Is this ever going to end?" Hailey thought.

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