Thomas T. Little is the son of Thumbelina as well as a Neutral



Tom is fun-loving, laid-back, and athletic. He loves to pull pranks on the other students, using his small size, and amazing speed and agility to his advantage. Although he works hard to play sports, hoping to become a professional athlete one day, he's usually turned down because of his size. However, he remains passionate, not giving up. He is impatient and hates waiting for something really important to him. Tom lacks in intelligence and perseverance when it comes to things that aren't important to him. 


Tom has dark hair that flops on his forehead. He has green eyes and light skin. He doesn't have his wings yet and won't gain wings until his story is complete.



Tom is the son of Thumbelina. He was born from a flower, and ,much to his disappointment, he was born from a rose. Tom's father is the king of the fairies.


Tom has fairy friends, but they do not attend Ever After High with him, so he had to leave them. One of his friends gave him the unripe cherry that they used as a soccerball and basketball before Tom left. Tom still has it and brings it around with him. His friends at EAH are Gemma Faerie and Imogen Ganseliesel. They care about one another, but Tom wishes he has friends who are boys, since he isn't good with girl stuff.


Tom has a pet bluebird named Blue. Tom hadn't used much effort trying to come up with a name for him. Blue carried Tom around back in the fairy garden Tom also left Blue when he went off to Ever After High.


Tom doesn't search for potential girlfriends, but he keeps an eye out for his type.


  • He hates it when people call him Tom Thumb.
  • He won't get his wings until he marries a fairy princess. He sees the idea as idiotic.
  • Tom rode on another student's carriage to get to EAH without the student knowing.
  • Tom tends to get into other students' lockers where he hangs out until the student catches him.

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