New story

best I had at a cover, also shadows I couldn't resist

Note: This was a random idea when I was watching young justice and superboy, the clone of superman, was introduced, and when I was drawing, I drew someone who looked like icy snow a little and this story came to mind so, its random.

Summary: After a spell gone wrong, icy snow and stormy frost suddenly have a clone of icy, who is their little sister, who doesn't know who she is yet, but learning they cant send her back to where she came from, icy's clone, now named, frosty snow, after both her sisters, and being taught how to act normal by the sibuna gang, (A/N: sibuna is a gang icy invented with, stella violet charming, dame dragon, clove dragon, flame bird, molly grimm, crystal guardian and stormy frost, its going to explained in another fanfic soon) but is this new girl, a royal or a rebel? or both?

Characters Edit

  • Icy snow
  • flame bird
  • clove dragon
  • stormy frost
  • molly grimm
  • stella violet charming
  • dame dragon
  • crystal guardian

chapter 1: The messed up spell Edit

"I still say, this is a bad idea" said stormy frost, daughter of father frost, to her twin sister, icy snow, whos the daughter of the snow queen.

"its to prove, I am ready for the higher level spells, I mean, I deserve those spells" said icy snow, as they entered a nearby classroom.

"well, don't mess up ok, we all know what happens then" said stormy, with a sigh.

"I thought people forgot that" said icy.

"no, theres no way people can forget a frozen pool" said stormy, with a teasing smile.

"doesn't matter, lets do this" said icy, she then mumbled a few words from a spell and her eyes turned icy blue and her hands glowed icy blue.

"not good...." said stormy, ducking behind the teachers desk.

Suddenly, a huge blast happened, that blinded both stormy and icy for a few minutes before they could see again.

When they could see again, they were startled, there was a girl standing in front of them, she looked like icy but the eyes, they looked messed up, there was one that was like icys eyes, but one dark blue one. She was wearing the same outfit as icy was.

"oh, icy, now what have you done?" asked stormy.

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