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Its a new shipping! *fangirls* sorry, could not resist, anyway, icy snow and flame bird are now a shipping, as called Flicy (name by Clawdeen ghoul), and here how it happens:

The story Edit

Icy snow stared at her best friend and roommate flame bird, with her blue eyes sparkling, flame knew she was looking at her again, while she tied her flame golden hair into a pony tail to the side and turned to face icy who had changed into blue PJs and tied her hair into 2 pony tails.

"Icy, your looking... really cute" said flame, smiling.

"I used to tie my hair like this at 5 years old before I turned 7 and changed to plaits" said icy, still looking at flame.

"Icy, want me to show you something?" asked flame, a smirk crossing her face.

"sure flame" said icy, getting of her snow flake patterned bed and jumping onto flames.

Flame then wrapped her arms around icy and pulled her close and started leaning in.

"what you doing flame?" asked icy, still staying still, enjoying it a little.

"I know why you look at me a lot, and I feel the same way" said flame, kissing her all of a sudden.

"really?" said icy, smiling.

flame didn't respond as they kept kissing and then fell onto the bed and kept doing it.

"I love you icy snow" whispered flame into icy's ear.

"I love you too flame bird" whispered icy back.

They smiled at each other and leaned in again, and kissed and didn't stop.

The end!

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