The dragons curse

best i had

Ok, here it is, Clove dragons secret story, a fairy tale i have written called The dragons curse, and you can see why its cloves secret story.

The tale Edit

Once upon a time, in a dragon kingdom, the king and queen had giving birth to a baby girl named mary, and were throwing a party to celebrate the birth of their baby girl, and her 3 14 year old sisters gave her a baby dragon as a present, but then a witch entered, by the name of Izzy, the powerful witch of dark magic, who hated the king and queens family.

The king walked up to her.

"you are not aloud here" he said, holding his sword bravely.

"you know the exile wouldn't get rid of me, and now its revenge time, for when this girl is 12, her dragon shall be slayed and she will die as well." said izzy, waving magic at the young baby mary.

"no!" wailed princess amy, picking up her baby sister and holding her close.

"Guards! seize her!" shouted the king, pointing at izzy.

"you cant stop me, the princess will die!" shouted the witch, disappearing.

The king and queen, scared for mary, kept her hidden with her dragon and grew up curious, sneaking off lot till she was 12, the day the curse was 2 happen, and was let loose into the forest, but then the witch spots her and kidnaps her and her dragon.

The witch tied mary to a wall with chains and then took a sword and stepped towards her dragon.

"Finally, the curse will happen and you will die mary!" shouted izzy, swinging her sword at the dragon and the dragon fell to the floor dead and then mary is struggling for breath and then chokes and falls Against the wall dead as well, izzy started laughing but then the dragons body comes to life but as a human like dragon.

"you cant kill me izzy, its time you learnt what happens to people who kill" said the dragon human, grabbing the staff and shoots at izzy, turning her to ash.

Mary, now taking on the name clove dragon, didn't return to her kingdom and instead flew off, leaving her loving sister, princess amy to the throne, and her 2 sisters princess's ally and tea married off and went to other kingdoms, but leaving her family wondering what happened to princess mary, and will she come back to them, but she will, when she wants to be found.

Clove became queen of another dragon kingdom, becoming queen clove and had 2 children, looking like her but twins dame dragon (this name sounds familiar right?) and amy dragon, named after clove's loving sister.

And they lived happily ever after!

Quiz Edit

  • why do you think this is cloves secret tale?
  • where do you think dames name came from?
  • recognize any clove bits?

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