Cerise Hood

Kitty Cheshire

Raven Queen

Madeline Hatter

Duchess Swan

Lady Swan

The beginningEdit

Cerise was really worried that Kitty knew about her secret. She didn't know what to do but to get the truth. Cerise went to Kitty's place in the Enchanted forest. She knocked on her door and called out "Kitty? Are you in there?". Cerise kept knocking until..

Chapter OneEdit

Kitty opened the door and pulled Cerise in. "C-Cerise..I-I know about your secret and I promise to keep it if you tell me-" she said but she stopped for some reason. "Kitty what is it?" Asked Cerise. She never saw this side of Kitty before, it was so different. "I-if you have feelings for me.." Said Kitty as she finished her sentence. Cerise was shocked. She didn't know what to say. Cerise did have feelings but she only thought of Kitty as a friend.

Chapter TwoEdit


Chapter ThreeEdit


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