Thistle stared at her reflection in the mirror. She wore a white wedding dress and a flower crown to go with it. Today was the big day for her, and her future husband, Ratty. She sighed as she grabbed the boquet of flowers and pushed her hair out of her eyes, behind her ear. Then there was a gentle knock on her door.

"Come in," Thistle said with another soft sigh. Then the door slowly yanked open and her father's head popped in the room, "Are you ready sweet-heart?" Thistle took one last look in the mirror and nodded. She turned towards her father and left the room. Their arms with linked together like hooks as they walked down the royal hall. Then Thistle had a flashback one of her happiest memories with Ratty, back when she was still a teenager...

~Thistle stood in the middle of the Enchanted Forest, waiting for Ratty to arrive so that they could have their secret romantic picnic. Then she spotted a dark silhouette approach her, she knew who was it. It was Ratty, her mentor. She giggled as he stopped in front of her, "Thistle...We are breaking the rules this way, you must go back to sleep." But the princess protested by shaking her head, "Ratty, I won't be able to go back to sleep now! I have prepared a picnic for us two and it must go on." The middle-aged man sighed with a face-palm; it was useless to argue with Thistle after she had went through preparing a romantic picnic for the two.

"Fine, we shall eat and go straight to bed after that," Ratty annouced as he sat down and started to eat with Thistle, who grinned happily the whole way through. After getting full, the two packed up and headed towards the princess's dorm. Ratty yanked the door open and handed Thistle her basket of goodies, "There you go, Princess. Now, you shall sleep in peace." Thistle shook her head again and pulled Ratty in the dorm, locking the door behind them. She put down the basket and Ratty watched her with his jaw dropped, "Princess..." But before he could say anything else, Thistle placed her finger against Ratty's mouth, "I do not want to hear it, Ratty." Then she pulled him onto her bed and then she climbed onto it as well.

She rested her head on his chest and grabbed his arms to wrap them around her. Ratty smiled softly and watched Thistle as she shut her eyes and fall peacefully asleep. He leaned in and grabbed the blanket to cover up the princess. She smiled warmly as she pulled the blanket up to her neck and adjusted her position in bed; she layed onto Ratty, as if they were layers of cake. Her back pressed gently against his stomach while her head was resting on his chest, with his arms wrapped around her, Ratty looked down at her again. Then kissed her forehead before shutting his eyes.~

Then Thistle found herself in front the wide white doors, which were about to be opened, exposing her and her father to the crowd, and Ratty for that matter. Before she knew it, the "here-comes-the-bride" music started playing and the guards opened up the doors and the two started to walk into the grand wedding room. In front of her, she noticed Ratty with his jaw dropped, staring at her. She chuckled before she made it towards the man with the speech book and Ratty.

"Do you, Princess Thistle, wish for Sir Ratty to be your husband for hopefully the rest of your life?" the man asked reading off the words from his book and Thistle nodded, "I do."

"Do you, Sir Ratty, wish for Thistle to be your bride for now and hopefully later on?" he then asked and Ratty instantly replied, "I do." The couple stared into each others' eyes and the man then said,

"You may kiss the bride." With these words, Ratty placed his lips onto Thistle's and they shared a happily ever after kiss, as the crowd cheered.

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