~And so here is where the story begins...

Duchess Swan walking in circles thinking of a plan to get Ashlynn back together with Hunter so she could have her happily ever after; as for Sparrow Hood, he was rocking out tunes on his loud guitar. "Could you keep it down!?" Duchess snapped, "I am trying to think here!" Sparrow stopped playing and placed down his guitare next to him. "Why do you want to have your happily ever after anyways?" Sparrow asked as he stood up and adjusted his hat. "Because I don't have one in my story so if Ashlynn's relationship with Hunter is exposed, I will get the chance to have my happily ever after! Besides, I bet people don't like me that much for my destiny." Sparrow looked into the top of the trees, it was now or never to tell Duchess his true feelings. "Well...I think you are awesome just the way you are." He started, trying to charm her. Duchess looked up to Sparrow from her shoes and slightly blushed, "You really think so?" 

Sparrow nodded and took a step foward. He had a crush on Ashlynn, but feelings for Duchess has piled his heart up. "I mean, you've got it all, the talent, the smarts...." Sparrow then mumbled, "the beauty." But yet, Duchess heard him. "The beauty?" Sparrow's heart started beating too much. "You think....I'm beautiful?" Sparrow took another step, "Yes...In fact, you are perfect." Duchess blushed more, "What are you trying to sa---" But Duchess was cut in the middle of her sentence by lips that touched her's firmly. She started to slowly kiss back but then let go and smiled, she took Sparrow's hat and placed it on her head.

Duchess found out that she was awesome the way she was, and so she kissed Sparrow again.......

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