Abigail Thief took a seat in the audience, forced to wear the old purple dress her mother once wore, she grumbled.

"Oh Abi, its the way things were back them. Everyone else would be wearing what their parents wore..I know a few parents who are doing it the same way you are." her mother once said. Abigail grumbled. She looked like a beggar girl..not a robber. Either way, at least people would understand..she hoped she wouldn't be the only one looking so..ARGH.

Duck was right next to the girl, she was lucky enough to not have to wear her mom's dress, but she did have to make her dress, and that wasn't exactly a picnic. She looked at her hands, which were covered in pricks and cuts. At least she wasn't Briar Beauty, those pricks would've lead her to a 100 year sleep. Next to Briar, her destiny wasn't that bad.

"Erm...Hi." Abigail said to the person who sat next to her. "I like your dress."

"Thanks! I made it! I ruined my hands in the process, but I think it looks okay." Duck nervously smoothed down her dress."So Legacy Day, it's today. How do you feel?

"Well." Abigail replied, "I think I'm ready. I look like a tramp..and I wish I could wear something else, but I'm ready..I kinda like what the world has in store for me as well..I get to bite someone's ear." Abigail then started laughing.

"Well,cool. I really wish I didn't have to sign. I guess I have nothing to complain about, I am a princess." Duck said sadly.

"I feel miserable about my destiny too!" Said a girl as she climbed over the audience."I have to be perky and lead a random girl down a random road." The girl pouted, which made her blue eyes twinkle.

"So how did you get the, you know,"Duck twirled her hair around her finger to signify hair. This girl's was in purple, black, and green ringlets.

"I dyed it. By the way, my name is Linda.

"Hi Linda..I think my friend, Crimson mentioned you before." Abi replied, she then curled her random strand of curly hair amongst her straight, short locks. "I don't suppose either of you have any spare clothes on you...As you can see..I look..Urgh,"

Abigail then looked around for any other students. The area looked slightly isolated..and Abigail dredded for the arival of anyone who knew her well.

Linda perked up "You wanna switch?" She motioned to her dress, that was pink and poufy." You can have the crown too!" She started to take her crown off.

"You'd want to wear this?" Abigail asked, indicating her purple, mistreated dress. She inspected Linda's outfit, she didn't really like it. "Well..I'm going to go back to my dorm room and change..Can someone come with me?"

"I guess we will." Said Duck. "I need to change too." Agreed Linda as she started walking.

Abigail guided the girls into her dorm room. Her roomie wasn't present, but Abigail knew where she was. She invited the girls in, and then dived into her drawers. She took out a dress. The dress had a pink corset, red ribbon waist tie and a black, pink and red frilly skirt. She then found a red and black trilby hat and then asked the girls, "How about this?"

The girls both nodded in approval "Can I go change too?" Asked Linda.

"Okay, you guys hurry along now. I'll get changed and meet you outside your room. I know where your room is, Linda." Abigail said happily. She hurried both girls out of the door and got changed.

Linda walked out of the room, wearing a t-shirt and jeans combo, with a pink scarf wrapped around her head. The trio then walked into the audience, the ceremony was about to begin!

"Hey! Abigail! Nice hat!" Sparrow Hood whispered as Abigail took a seat near Duck and Linda, that happened to nearby to him, she smiled. "Thank you...I kinda ditched what Dictator Grimm asigned me to wear.." Sparrow laughed at Abigail's cruel name for their headmaster.

"I still can't believe you are wearing that..." Abi whispered to Linda. "It looks awesome...but a bit out of place!"

"Well, I have the scarf, that's pink. Hopefully mom doesn't kill me." Linda shrugged and hoisted her feet to to the top of the back of the chair. "In other context, who is your little friend other there?" Linda pointed to Sparrow, who was trying to covertly give a wink to Abigail. Presently, Headmaster stood at the podium and tapped the microphone.

"Oh..Thats Sparrow Hood..we have simalar destinies..his dad knows my mum..and erm..yeah.." Abigail mumbled, as her cheeks began to glow red. "HEY!" she hissed. "Dictator Grimm is trying to start the cerimony!"

Grimm tapped the micro phone some more, then he called "Dexter Charming!"

Dexter nervously shuffled up the aisle to the podium, "I am Dexter Charming, son of King Charming." His gold key appeared in thin air. His hand shook as he reached his key, his key was gold, with intricate carvings. He took the key and put it in the keyhole, he turned it 30 degrees, like he was trained. The book opened to his page, the page started displaying his face looking down at the book, but older. He had a beard and better hair, the page seemed to look up to a tall tower with no doors. A princess waved prettily and sighed helplessly. The page then showed a saved princess and a wedding going on. Dexter thought, decided and begrudgingly took the quill and signed the page, "sure," he thought," though it doesn't seem happily ever after now, who knows how he will feel then?" He left through the aisle and went back into his seat.

"Wow." Abi whispered. "I thought Dexter would show more emotion he was gonna find out what was going on with his life!" She curled her loose curly lock of hair and smiled at the sky.

"It must have not been what he hoped, or it must've be what he was expecting" Duck shrugged, who knew what was going on in that guy's head?

Dictator Grimm then called up Daring Charming, who continued to act like the stupid snob he always was. Abigail had to put her fingers in her ears because his voice started to irratate her. He was followed by Duchess Swan, who looked slightly depressed, but accpeted her depressing destiny like it was nothing.

Madibith Hatter sat silently on a chair, zoning out on what people were saying. She looked accross to Maddy Hatter, but she was doing whatever... As pe usual... Madibith sighed before playing with her hair, trying her hardest not to go mad.

Dictator Grimm then called out Abgail's name, she grumbled, and got up. She ajusted her trilby hat and smiled, as some of the royals were shocked about her outfit choice. Dictator Grimm didn't look very impressed.

"I..I am Abi Thief..daughter of The Little Robber Girl, and I pledge to bite a dude's ear, steal a carridge and allow whover Greda's daugher is to go and save her boyfriend." She pledged, with a stupid grin on her face. She then looked as her future was shown in front of her, she smiled and then wrote her name,and rebeliously added in brackets, 'I still don't understand why we have to do it. I think Dictator Grimm has organisation issues or something.' She then smiled and returned to her seat.

Madibith smiled at the girl who went up before her gaze yet again shuffled to Maddy Hatter, that girl was suppose to be the better of her, Wonderland and Underland... Quite the opposites really... Madibith sat patiently and waited for it to be the wonderlandian's turn, and then it would be the underlandians.

Abigail smiled, she could easily go ahead and bail now, but some of her friends wanted her to watch them. That..and well, she wanted to see what a few of the rebels would do....That, and she was sitting behind Sparrow..being a creepy fangirl had its perks.

Headmaster Grimm called out: "Linda Goodwitch!" Linda walked up to the podium, she took her key, which was light pink, she shuddered, she then took her key and put it in the lock. She turned it, and the book opened. On her page, it showed her in the dress that she hated, in the tall crown she hated, leading a girl down the yellow brick road. She shuddered again and took the quill and wrote her name. She walked down the aisles and slumped into her seat.

"You okay, Linda?" Abigail whispered. "You look depressed." She then watched as Grimm called apon Crimson White to the stand, she was wearing a fancy ballgown, that didn't look as facinating (..if you could say that) as her half sister, but the young girl approached the poduim, made her pledge, and sat back down. Abi looked over to Crimson, who had developed silent tears. She didn't understand why, though.

"Why so blue, darling? Why are tears falling from those little eyes?" questioned a metal girl sitting nearby. It was Abertha Bloodstone who happened to hear Crimson's weeping. "I know how tragic some destinies can be but sometimes you have to follow it. I know I'm going to die but I still vow to follow my fate." Whisperred Abertha.

All the time, a girl with an elegant and beautiful dress looked people turning round and round. She walked near the girls. '"And I,I have to be a crook. She looked down her feet depressed.

Crimson, through miserable sobs, explained what she saw to Abertha. "I..I'm going to die...I'm going to be the alternate Snow White...a version when she doesn't get revised by a prince..I'm going to die...and I don't know what to feel."

Abigail watched as the students pledged their destinies, some with pride, some with remorce. Abi didn't know how to feel, as she had a fairly good one..but didn't understand why people were against it.

"A crook?" Crimson asked. "Well..I know a girl who is going to be a thief..and she seems quite happy with it."

"Really?Happy with her destiny as a thief? I am going to lie a million people and then scare them and then have fun with them.I will be the wizard of OZ."

Alba teared.

"The Wizard of Oz?" Crimson asked. "That sounds awesome! How can you not be happy with that?"

"Not really.My dad isnt even a real wizard dear. He is just a crook. A crook who plays with people as they were his puppets!"

Alba cried.

"So I'm assuming you are a Rebel?" Crimson asked. "Don't blame you."

"Oh you guessed right."

Alba swept her tears.

"And Im going to destroy the performance of my destiny"

she whispered to hershelf.

"I've got a worse destiny. Becoming a con woman, isn't it interesting? Abducting princesses, cursing others, being immortal to then be scared by a Tsarevich brother and bte killed by another. Oh boy"frowned Cora Chei, the Rebel girl whose skin wrapped her long, skinny bones.

Crimson nodded. "Good."

Abigail then heard her phone vibrate, it was a message from a friend, asking if Abigail wanted to bail the ceremony. She didn't know who it was however, how did they get their number?

"Celle Goosefeather!" Duck walked up. She hoped her would call her by her nickname, but then again, what kind of teacher would? She walked up the aisle and took her silver key. She announced, "I am Duck Girl, the daughter of The Goose Girl." She looked into the book and was shocked, this wasn't her destiny, then she realized, she didn't use her real name, just her nickname! Instead of correcting her mistake, she signed the blank page. Sure, next year she would have to go through this ordeal again, but she was free for another year! She skipped to her seat and smiled the whole way.

"What did you do?" Abigail asked. "No one usually smiles like that without doing something..rebelious!"

"why would you do such a thing? Old Grimmyhead is definitly going to meet you at his office the next day if he finds out about this."Cora shrieked.

"Well..Dictator Grimm will have to deal with it." Abigail giggled. Crimson facepalmed.

"WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?! Did I do something?" questioned Cora.

"No need to shout." Abigail tutted. "People are trying to listen to their friends sign off their lives to a powerhungry dictator."

"Well, I am awaiting my doom..." sighed Cora. It wasn't long until those very words she fearhave been said "Up next, Cora Chei" said Mr Grimm. "Great, my turn has come" The gal nevously stepped on stage, taking her pledge: "I am Cora Chei, daughter of Koshei the deathless. And I pledge to follow my father's footsteps in using wizardry and take captive of princesses, to then end my days under the burning torch of a Tsarevich." She panted as the key to her stories appear, showing her fate in various tales. Cora sighed and signed the book anyways. Slowwly walked away to then get back on her seat. It was a hard moment for her, but there wasn't a choice.

"You seem sad. You could've done what I did. It was actually a mistake, but it worked out well." Said Duck.

"I rather live with a truth rather than a lie, stranger" said Cora

"I guess, and my name is Duck by the way." Duck shrugged, 'did I really lie?' She thought, and she looked to the ground.

The two twins were in their dorm. Arabella was taking a shower and Rosabelle was also taking a shower in a different shower. They both finished then Arabella dried and brushed her hair. Rosabelle was deciding which dress to wear but then she picked the white dress with rose designs on it. Arabella finished drying her hair then she put her hair in a curly pontail then she put pink roses in it.After that Arabella put on dress that was black with red rose designs on it.

Madibith sat silently in her chair, glancing at the other undelandians then stuffing her head in her hands. She didn't wan't to go now. Not now, not ever... It was so nervewracking... Maybe.. Just maybe she should be a rebel... Madibith shook her head quickly, what was she thinking, if she were to become a rebel.. then... everybody in her story would disapear. Madibith thought over what to do, hoping the underlandians weren't up until later. She let out a small sob. She was trying her hardest not to look like the fool she was suppose to be.

Meanwhile, Duck smoothed down her dress and started to stand up, all these things seemed to be adding on. The fact that Headmaster Grimm was going to kill once this thing was over, added on top of the fact that she lied about her name. How could such a proud, rebellious moment be twisted into a guilty memory?

The two twins were finished then she went to where the ceremony was being held. "I really don't want to do this Sabelle." Said Arabella has she rubbed her arm. "What if mom and dad become disappointed with us?" She asked as she stopped walking and faced her twin. "Remember, the truth is better than a lie.." Said Rosabelle to her twin. "B-b-but what if its true..that our stories with disappear..then everyone in our story would be gone!" Said Arabella as she started to cry. "I don't want that to happen!" She said as she got hugged by her twin. "Its okay. If it happens then our parents and the people in our story's parents will just have to make more kids until their kid is a royal.." Said Rosabelle. "What has to be done, has to be done.." She said as she hugged her twin tightly. "Luckily i wasn't wearing make-up" said Arabella. "Then that would be a mess" said Rosabelle. They both started laughing. Rosabelle gave Arabella a hankerchief then Arabella wiped her tears away. "You readt?" Asked Rosabelle. "I'm ready." Said Arabella. They both sat in seats 2 sections away from the front.

Duck started to leave, but the twins got in the way. "Excuse me, I would like to leave.

"Oh we're sorry" said the twins. They git up and moved away so they wouldn't block anyone's way. "So your ready to do your pledge?" Asked Sabelle to Rabelle. "Yeah..I think i'm ready." Said Arabella. "Good. I've got mine under control" said Rosabelle.

Duck turned, "I lied about my name. It's a lot harder up there than you could ever imagine." She sat down in an empty seat next to the twins. "I feel so guilty."

Rosabelle hear Duck since she sat next to her. "What do you mean? Your names not Duck Girl?" Asked Arabella. Rosabelle was confuse. Yeah she knew it was hard up there for some people but it wasn't going to be hard for her.

"That's my nickname. My real name is actually Celle Goosefeather. I'm so guilty, though it was actually a mistake" Duck shrugged. There was nothing to do now.

"I see. Well its never too late to tell the truth." Said Rosabelle. "Its-" she said until she was cutoff by Arabella. "Better to tell the truth no matter how late it is." Finished the sentence by Arabella.

"Well, Grimm is on that podium, so I think it'll have to wait." Recently,Grimm was reading one of the last names on the list. "Cerise Hood!" Cerise walked up, and she nervously took her key. "I am Cerise Hood, daughter of Red Riding Hood." She watched the pages turn and fall on her page. The page showed her traveling and stopping to eat. She then saw her shrug to her grandmother. There was no wolf. The wolf didn't get a chance to exist. She was free. She signed her name and traveled down the aisle. She sat down, relieved.

Kilala "Cheshire" Cat was sitting in the same row as the twins and Celle. She sat next to Celle. "At least her story is better now" said Kilala. She clapped her hands since Cerise was kinda one of her friends. Kilala had her real ears in and her whiskers were out and her eye pupils were cat eye pupils. "Purrrfect pledge Cerise" said Kilala to Cerise. Cerise thanked Kilala.

"Now for the final person, Jacque Bean!" Yelled Grimm. Jacque walked up the aisle.

Jacque ran up the aisle, flashing smiles and winks at the audience. He walked up to the podium, took his copper key, and proclaimed his name. The book opened and fell to his page. He looked at his destiny, which was exactly what he hoped. He signed his name and strolled back to his seat.

Abigail suddenly woke up, she had fallen asleep during the cerimony.

"Hey Abi, do you think I should go talk to Grimm about what I did?" Asked Duck

"I FELL ASLEEP!" Abi whispered. "I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN SOME COFFEE!". She then looked to Duck, she hadn't listened to a word she said. "I friends...did Raven do anything?"

"Yeah, she didn't sign at all! It was amazing to see such courage." Marveled duck.

"I missed that?" Abi mumbled. "...I'm such an idoit..and everyone's gone..ARGH!"

"Now we're going to the party! Come on! They have coffee there!" Duck stood up, this was one of he best parties of the year, she had to go.

"Coffee!" Abi squealed. While Madeline Hatter had tea, Abigail Thief had coffee. She sprung to her feet, adjusted her hat, and started running away from the ceremony area, and towards the party.

Duck followed, questions were swirling trough her head. She then had an idea.

"C'mon Duck!" Abi called.

Duck started running after Abi, but the idea was still in her head. She was going to confront Grimm about all of this.

Abi then reached the sorce of the afterparty, she ajusted her hat, again, and knocked on the door. A pair of staring eyes stared at her. "Who are you?" the voice snapped. "Oh..Abigail Thief...and Duck Girl...Erm..Sorry we're late."

"I'm sure you've heard of her." Said duck as she motioned to Abi,"She killed a tarantula on the first day. Remember the whole 'it hath been slain' deal? Oh, I'm duck by the way."

Abi's face beamed. Someone remembered! The door opened, a girl let them in. She giggled. "I remember that."

"So, what's your name?" She asked their questioner.

"Oh..It doesn't matter. Come on in!"

"Now Abi,I have a plan to exploit Grimm for lying. It involves punch,markers, and a lot of name calling."

"Okay, but Duck, I need to ask you is very important.." She then saw Raven talking to Maddie, she waved.

The twins thought they should go back to their dorms and they did

They didn't care about the party they just wanted to get some ZZZs.

Kilala was walking to the party when she saw a shadow. She turned around but she saw nothing. "Maybe its just dad teasing me again.." Said Kilala. When she reached the door of the party she knocked on it and someone practically pulled her in. "What? Ahh.." Said Kilala but since she was a cat she landed on her hands and knees. She got up and saw that the person who pulled her in was Madel Mad. He was Kilala's biggest crush. Kilala blushed quickly then she ran away quickly.

"What do you want to ask?"

"Will there be coffee in your little plan?"

"Does Grimm deserve coffee?"

"No..but do I?"

"Yes, run, run free little bird, get your coffee! And save some for me!" Said duck.

Kilala liked to stay in the shadows like her dad but she smelled fish and she couldn't help it. She walked where she smelled the fish. She saw a plate of Gourmet fish. Someone gave her a piece of the fish since they saw her ears and they knew she was a cat. Kilala thanked them then she walked over to a seat and she started to eat the fish.

" hello Kilala, having a nice day I suppose?" Asked duck.

Abigail smiled stupidly, and ran off to find some coffee. She asked a few students where there was any coffee, she got the occasional "Abigail. Will you die if you don't drink any coffee?" and "You won't die, Abigail." from her classmates.

She found some coffee, and she grabbed a cup and returned to Duck.

"Oh i Celle. Yeah i guess i'm having a nice day. I've just got some Gourmet fish and i love it! By the way is that your friend? The one with the coffee." Asked Kilala. She kept eating the fish until it was gone.

"Haii." Abigail said casually.

"That's Abigail. You can pretty much figure her out."

"I like coffee." Abi said, sounding like an idiot.

"Did you save some for me?" Asked duck.

"Yeah..You know theres a giant coffee machine in the corner right? Its for teachers but the teachers aren't here till 7:00." Said Kilala.

"WHAT?!" Abi screamed. "A GIANT COFFEE MACHINE?"

She looked to Duck and said, "Sorry...I forgot."

"My plan was to trow the coffee on Grimm, at least I still have punch. Plus, as a prologue to what we are going to do with him, I have markers. Before the teachers get here, we need to convince every student that Grimm is allowing us to draw on the walls."

"It has original, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and blueberry flavoured coffees,there are also many different kinds of creams. You can get a container that the size of a mirrorpad!" Said Kilala.

Abigail was more interested in the mysterious coffee machine than Duck's plan. She was questioning wether her coffee addiction was healthy. Was this a trick for an intervention. She then heard Duck talk, and she smiled. "Coffee...and breaking rules..I'm in."

"I'll start collecting punch, if you start drawing on the walls and convincing everyone to do so." Duck nodded, " and you," she said, pointing to Kilala, "need to delay the teachers. Do something so drastic that every solitary one needs to help or talk to you."

Abi nodded, and then ran to a table and clambered onto it. "HEY EVERYONE!" Abi screamed. "YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE IT!.." She then announced the fake rule change, with a smile on her face. Everyone stared at her, and she sighed. "I'm not on a coffee high. I thought we could all do a wall canvas together or something."

"I've got in under control. I'm the one the made Sparrow run away from girls for a week! You guys do what you have to do, I can get the teachers interested!" Said Kilala as she put her plate away. She saw Mr.Piper going to the machine. Kiki quickly went to Me.Piper then said "Mr.Piper, your daughter is amazing! I can't wait for Roslyn Shoes to be like her!". "Oh thank you Kilala. I also can't wait for Miss.Shoes to be popular like my daughter." Said Mr.Piper. Kilala winked at Celle.

Celle started to collect punch cups. Within four miniature cups, about 1/4 of the punch was spilled out, she would have to be more careful.

People started crowding around Abi, she pitched an idea of a picture made up of lots of words. A few people questoned her, but she reasured them that they would be fine

Now having put all of the punch in cups, she hid them under the table and decided to pour the excess on the stage.

Mr.Piper went to check on his daughter. Kilala saw Mrs.Her Majesty the White Queen. "On Mrs.Her Majesty, you look amazing today!" Said Kilala. "Oh Thank you Miss."Cheshire" Cat." Said Mrs.Her Majesty.

Now that her job was done,duck prevented more teachers outside.

Everyone started to write words on the walls, Abi continued to assist people in what she wanted. She smiled

Finally, duck saw Grimm come in, he was the first one who made it into the building. By now, all of the students finished writing, and finally, as an added touch, duck wrote "DICTATOR GRIMM"(nickname adopted from Abi) on the wall behind the podium he would stand on and give his speech.

Abi noticed the added touch and stated to laugh, quietly.

Grimm walked one step into the door and stopped there,he was shocked.he kept his cool and walked onto the stage, he slipped on the punch. People started giggling, and he put a stern face on as he stood up.

"Whoever has done this is suspended for the next week. If nobody comes up, it will be three weeks."

Duck walked up, with something behind her back, she bent her head and then splashed Grimm with punch.

Abi cracked up almost instantly, everyone turned to stare at her, and a student even called out; "Headmaster Grimm! I think Abigail has gone insane!"

Cole was wearing her light green dress, her skin was still light blue but she didnt care she was longer a Genie, She saw what Duck did and giggled a bit.

Duck ran back and got some more punch.

"This is for lying." Duck spashed one on the silent and still headmaster.

"This is for playing favorites." She spashed another on the headmaster.

"And this, is my biggest complaint. This is for that MOUSTACHE!!!

There was an uproar of laughter. Abi was amongst them.

Duck smiled, this was fun.

"Any other complaints?" She asked the crowd behind her.

Abi smiled, and put her hand up.

"Yes, Abi, is there something you would like to say, and would you like some punch to go with it?"

"Not really..he looks stupid already." Abi giggled. She walked up to the stage, and then asked her headteacher. "Don't you think its sad that you got overpowered by a bunch of teenagers..that, and WHY DID YOU BAN COFFEE?! WHO DOES THAT?"

Cole also rasied her hand

"Duck..I believe that blue girl would like to say something." Abi indicated Cole.

Kilala laughed at the soaked Headmaster Grimm. She got some fish then she threw them at HM Grimm. "I am sick of you calling me little miss Lala! By the way that fish smell will wash away in a weak!" Said Kilala.

"Yes I would, Also My name is Cole. One Complaint is that, Our Headmaster is nothig but a self obbesed, Annoyce, Evil, Hating, Old Man Who will nevr know the meaning of An Happily Ever After, because he only cares about himself!" Cole saaid as she gre wide eyed with just saying that

"This is the greatest day of my life." Abi mumbled. "Cole..I beleive you litrally just searched our Headmaster on google ((or EAH equivilent..i dunno >.<)) and just read the first article." Abi laughed, and a few others did as well.

"Also..this is for myself..You..HAVE TO STOP MAKING FUN OF ME WHEN I SMELL FISH OR IF I CHASE A MOUSE!! ITS MY INSTINCTS!!" Yelled Kilala and then she got hot coffee then she poured it all on HM Grimm. "Sorry Abi, i'll make more coffee later." She said as she finished pouring coffee on HM Grimm.

"That is not the way to use such fine coffee." Abi said disaprovingly. "If you have to use coffee in this situation, do it properly." Abi picked up a up of coffee that seemed to just appear nearby, and she threw it into the face of her ridiculed headmaster, who looked very very fed up.

"Oh thanks for the help, would you like to help me throw cake and pies?" Asked Kilala as she picked up a chocolate mouse cake.

"Now headmaster, have you learned something yet?"patronized duck.

"I have one more complaint." This was from a Baba Yaga." You must learn to respect the students."

With this, she cast a spell on every single cup of liquid in the room and it poured, in one big downfall, on Grimm.

He finally said, "All people who stepped forward are suspended for three weeks. Please disperse."

"You can't catch me.." Said Kilala and she giggled. She disappeared in an instant. "You never know where cats hide" she said this but she wasn't in the room.

"YAY!" Abigail screamed, before walking off shamelessly.

Duck walked up to Abigail and said "at least we can hang out during suspension. Plus we have to cut class! This will be awesome!"

Abigail nodded. "I've never been suspended before." she told Duck. "You're a genious"

Kilala appeared again behind HM Grimm then she gave him a wedgie. She giggled and HM Grimm Screamed. Kilala walked next to Abi. "Its nice to have power!" Said Kilala.

"Hey Kilala ! Wanna hang out during suspension?"

Abi smiled, she didn't feel remorceful..but she slowly realised that she had probably set up a stupid reputation about being an insane caffine addict. All she knew was things wern't looking good for when she returned

Once the trio returned back, they got a mixed reaction. Some people gave them congratulations and praise, while others gave them dirty looks and whispered comments behind their back. Since Duck was the ringleader, she got the most of this.

Abi rolled her eyes at the complainers. They were mainly Ever After High's royalty, but she returned some high-fives and fistpumps from their supporters. She smiled.

The trio acted as celebrity for the first few days, but when some offhand and gossip got around (someone dating someone else, duck had no idea who)

Abi had been in her room recently. She had to admit it, she missed class. She had the occasional visit from a few of the rebels..and they had brought coffee. But for some reason. Abigail wasn't drinking it. She sat on her windowsil, and watched her classmates hanging around on the school premis. This was going to be a very long three weeks.

Then a knock came at the door. Behind the door was Duck, and she was holding a cup of gourmet coffee.

"May I come in?"

"I have coffee."

Kilala was siting in her tree. She was the only one allowed to go outside since she hated sleeping indoors and because Kilala had a tantrum when she was told to go inside. But HM Grimm allowed her to stay outdoors in an area in cased in a force field.

"You have coffee?" Abi asked.

Kilala was playing with yarn since she didn't turn back to a human yet. She still had her ears and she still had the tail and whiskers.

Abi checked her phone, she acsessed her MirrorPad and saw her followers and comments had sky-rocketed. Needless to say, she had become a meme.."Says she isn't on a caffine on something even worce." Did she make herself sound like a waster? yaaay.. Abi thought to herself. Everyone thinks I'm on something!

"Gourmet coffee. Can I come in?" Persisted Duck.

"Sure" Abi mumbled.

Duck walked in and asked, "Hey, why are you just sitting around. Let's get Kilala, we can hang out, you know, if you want to go to class, we can get the hextbooks."

"Its not as simple as that, Duck." Abi sighed. "I can't really leave my room without being laughed at, or told that I'm insane or something."

"I can get Kilala and we meet here."said Duck.

"Thats nice." Abi sighed.

"Would you like me to?" asked Duck.

Kilala saw a mouse come out of a hole and she pounced on it. She tried to bite the mouse but the mouse was a toy mouse. Sparrow had pranked her. Students saw Kilala and they laughed. Some boys thought she was cute.


Duck stuck her head out of the window,


Kilala heard her name then she climbed the tree. "What Celle?" She asked as she reached the top branch.

"Come to Abi's room!"

Abi smiled.

"I can't there is a Force Field around this tree" said Kilala

"How is there a forcefield?" Abi asked. "Last time I checked, Dictator Grimm didn't harness magic!"

"He has enough magical supporters to spin straw into gold." Said Duck.

"Baba Yaga put the force field on this tree because i did many thing last night when you two were sleeping.." Said Kilala

"Thats Rumpleskitskin." Abi corrected, she then took a ship of coffee.

"W-W-Waaait." Abi realized. "What did you do??"

Perse walked in and said "Hi!" to everybody.

"Is that why my walls were a different color this morning?" Asked Duck.

"Perse..How did you get in here?" Abi asked. "Last time I need to be in class...I'm only here because of what happned at the Legacy Day party!" Abi laughed.."That memory."

"I know when a friend is in need" Perse said and patted her pocket and winked.

"Why are you cutting class?" Asked duck.

"Because i do? Now,im just helping" Perse hissed

"Thats really sweet." Abi cooed. "But I've been suspended for the next few weeks. So has Duck..remember what happened on Legacy Day?"

"Yes I remember. I did so much Grimm doesn't know what to punish me for." Said duck.

"Well i went to the HM's office and i put thirty snakes in there.." Said Kilala. "Kiki Lala..Kiki Lala..How are you?..How are You?" Sang Sparrow siting on the tree. "You know, you agravate me..What do you want Baby Hood?" Asked Kilala. "HEY DON'T CALL ME THAT!" Yelled Sparrow. "THEN DON'T CALL ME KIKI LALA OR LALA!" Yelled Kilala back at Sparrow.

Abi laughed. "I've been suspnended for trouble-making, graffiti and planned assult..apparently. All I did was yell a bit and throw coffee at Grimm's face." She then cracked up. "I am such a I'm a royal! You know what I mean."

"Hey, Abi, I think someone is here to see you." Said duck, motioning to sparrow.

Abi smiled. "Whatever it was.." Abi said blandly "It wasn't me."

Duck leaned out of the window," hi sparrow! Are you here to see Abi?"

Abi rolled her eyes, and returned to her coffee.

"I was here to talk to Miss.Angry Cat here" said Sparrow pointing at Kilala. "Well i wouldn't be angry if you didn't tease me as usual." Said Kiki. "So what are you here to talk about?" She asked Sparrow as she crossed her arms and tapped her foot. "You know Madel Mad right?" Asked Sparrow. Kiki blushed a bit then said "yeah, what about him?". "Well he has asked you on a date.." Said Sparrow. Kilala turned around then turned into a little pink and purple cat.

Abi smiled at Kilala. "Thats so cute." she whispered. "So..Kitty cat!" she giggled."What you gonna say?"

"Ooh. A date for Kikala. When will I get a date?" Duck plopped on the bed, obviously upset.

"If you're gonna sulk, Duck, do it in your own room." Abi said, still sitting on the windowsil.

Kiki hissed and she was really blushing hard. She finally turned into a human and said "Tell him i said that i'd like to go on a date..". "Kay,So Little Abby wabby, would you like to go on a date with me?" Asked Sparrow.

"I'm over it." Duck sprang up.

"What did you call me?!" Abi snapped.

"He called you litte Abby Wabby." Said duck.

Abi laughed uncontrolllably, and then cut herself off by glaring at Sparrow, "Are you by any chance being serious?"

"If you don't like the name then i could call you Abby Tabby, like the kind if cat, the tabby cat! Hmm..Abby Tabby..Abby Tabby..would you like..would you go on a date with me?..please say yes..please say yes.." Sang Sparrow.

"Will you say yes?" Asked duck.

"Erm..Yeah..sure." Abi said, hiding her exsitement. "Buut..Could you please just call me Abi, bird-boy!"

" congrats! Two requests in one day! You guys are luck."

"Can't Teasing you guys is just half the fun..And the date is at the Enchanted Forest,See you then my theif that stole by heart" said Sparrow then he disappeared. "I really shouldn't of tought him that.." Said Kiki.

"Don't worry, Duck. Someone will eventually realize how fabulous you are. Seriously..if another dude comes in here for any related reason, I'm kicking everyone out." Abi snapped.

"How do you guys feel, both of your crushes asked you out. Do you realize the enormity of this?"

"I guess its okay..i only stalked him..I didn't really think he liked am i going to get out of this thi-" said Kiki but then she just remembered somethng. "I forgot i can escape things from shadows.." She said this then she turned into a shadow went up the balcony then she stood behind the girls.

"Yay! Now we can hang out!" Exclaimed duck.

"Yup!" Said Kiki. She stretched then she yawned.

Abi shurg her shoulders, and then looked out of the window. "I miss classes." she then admitted. "I miss not being confided in my room."

"Well, now we are cutting class."

"Well if you don't want to be stuck in here then follow me to the enchanted forest.." Said Kiki.

"I thought we had been suspended?" Abi asked. "Bird-Boy is cutting classes...but we're not. Technicly..Duck you shouldn't be here, heck, none of you should be!"

"Actually, I should be here. I was the ringleader of the thing that got you suspended for." Said duck.

Abi shrugged her shoulders. "Yeah..thanks for that, Duck!"

"Your welcome" said duck.

"Oh well..who cares..i'm a cat..i don't go by the rules" said Kiki

"Meh.." Abi added. "Last time I checked, I really shouldn't be all cute and innosent..I'm a thieving caffine addict...Woo."

"I guess we all deserve suspension."

"You know it!" Abi giggled.

"Shall we go to the enchanted forest?" Asked duck.

"As much as I'd love to jump out of the window and do something, I can't be bothered." Abi admitted.

"What are we going to do then?" Asked duck.

"Well..I'm gonna stay here and drink coffee." Abi announced. "Then start messing around with my guitar..and then sleep off the rest of the day." She then indicated her red acoustic guitar resting at the foot of her bed.

"Can I mess around with your guitar?" Asked duck.

"Yeah, sure." Abi said happily. "Just don't break wouldn't believe how long I spent planning how to get my hands on it.."

"You stole it?"

"No." Abi denied. "I borrowed it without asking, and I'm not intending on giving it back anytime."

"Well, cool."

"Well if you guys are going to stay here then i'm going to the enchanted forest to see Sparrow's recital. The recital is always at this time, see you later" said Kilala then she jumped out the window then she ran into the enchanted forest. After a few seconds she was gone in the woods.

Duck instantly started to follow, she turned to Abi," Wanna see your crush?"

Kiki went inside Sparrow's little home in a tree. She said hi then she sat down and watched them record. "Sparrow could you fix your low notes because their a bit messed up" said Kilala to Sparrow.

Duck quickly followed, this was the most action she had in days! Soon, some music started playing, and it was great music!

"You guys did great!" Said Kiki. "Have a five minute break guys" said another female voice. "So, Ros, do you think their good enough?" Asked Kiki. "They gotta practice more and I have to edit the song" said the female voice.

"Who are you?" Asked duck to the female voice.

"Duck what are you doing here?" Asked Kilala. "Kiki, is this one of your friends?" Asked the girl.

"Yes, may I ask what your name is?" She asked the mysterious girl.

"The names Roslyn Shoes" said the girl. She was siting in a chair and her chair was backwards until she turned it around and she showed her face.

"Hello Roslyn, how are you?"

"Good i suppose.." Said Roslyn. She turned her chair around then said "Break times up, Fly like the sky. Sparrow got his guitar then he started to play. Roslyn made the tuning a bit higher. She turned the rhythm medium and she put the bass guitar a bit lower.

"Wow, you seem to be an expert on this." Said duck, obviously amazed.

"Roslyn is a DJ like Melody Piper, and she is a producer. She record Sparrow's band and she records her own music" said Kiki.


Duck listened to music for a while, but then texted Abigail to check on her

Kilala stood next to Roslyn and she put her arm on the chair. "Do you think they sound good?" She asked to Roslyn. "Yeah, but they to sound more..hmm..whats the word.." Said Roslyn. She tried to think but then Kiki said "More impressive?". "I guess that word is okay. And yeah, they need to sound more impressive." Said Roslyn.

"I need to get a snack real quick, I'll be back."

When duck came back, her face was covered in white cream and feathers,

Kiki turned around then giggled then laughed. "PFFFTTTT..W-WHAT HAPPENED?..HAHAHAH" said Kiki while she laughed. Roslyn turned around then laughed also.

"When I opened my snack, you can guess what flew out. Now do you have anything to remove this crazy mess?"

Kiki gave Duck a towel and she gave her a box of wet cloths. "Here. Then if you want to get the smell and stickiness out, i know where there is a hot spring around here" whispered Kiki.

Duck found the sink and the towels, she walked up to Kiki and asked "do you know who did this?"

"Maybe Sparrow..Never mind he was here the whole time..maybe the teachers?..Maybe Jacque? I dunno.." Said Kiki. "So you wanna go to the hot springs or the spa?" She asked Duck

"Sure, but don't open anything until I find out who did this."

"Don't worry, i don't have any cans or boxes" said Kiki

"Wrappers count too." Duck smiled and headed ot of the tree.

Kiki followed. "I don't have any candy right now.." She said.

Abi had fallen asleep, and had been asleep for the majority of the day. She woke up, with an unread message on her phone, and a few spilled coffee mugs. She rubbed her eyes and got changed into a fresh dress.

Coming back from the spa, duck sent a message.

where are u? Sparrow+band is practicing in the forest

16:25, February 25, 2014

MeredithAgnesPoe Abi replied.

Wat? I'M MISSING THAT? AHHH. I fell asleep :(

Duck then warned her.

but don't open anything! No wrappers, no boxes, don't open anything, but if you do, there's an awesome hot spring close to where they're practicing!

Sweet. I'm assuming I should bring a swimsuit?

I'll bring one too!

Abigail grabbed a blue backpack and quickly put on a swimsuit under her outfit. Abi swapped her boots with sandals. Abi put her hair in a messy ponytale and re-applied her make up. She smiled at her reflection in the mirror and then ran out knock on Duck's dorm door.

Duck opened the door, as she had to get her swim suit on.

"So are we off?" Asked duck.

Abi nodded. "Do I look alright?"

"It's Sparrow, not the king. As long as you can roll your eyes at his nickname for you, he'll still dig you." Said duck.

Abi laughed. "C'mon!"

"I speak the truth." Said duck.

Abi started running down the stairs and then tripped up on the last step.

"Hey Abi! Are you okay?" Asked duck.

"Yeah" Abi said as she picked herself up. "Lets go!"

Then they reached the main doors,

"Should we open this? Because last time I opened something I got cream and feathers on my face."

"Lets go through the window!" Abi annouced, she then clambered out of the window.

"I'm on it!" Yelled duck as she climbed out of the open mirror.

"So, where first? Recital or swimming?"

"Recitle." Abi decalred. She then mumbled something.

"What did you mumble? Because even if you didn't, I can tell that you have s "There's nothing to say." Abi smiled. "Lets go!" she then started to run towards the forest.

Kiki was laying on a branch that was growing inside the tree. She laid on stomach, cupped her hands on her cheeks, put her legs up and swing them back and forth while she listened to Sparrow and his band play. Kiki heard Duck and Abi come in from the window. She smiled then she disappeared. She appeared behind the girls then she said "Wwwwwwhhhhoooo Gggggoooooeeeessss tttttthhhhheeeeerrrreee??????" In a ghostly like voice. 20:01, February 25, 2014

"Well.." Abi chuckled. "Its Abi.." she grumbled "Abby Wabby or whatever you call me.. and Duck. We're here to listen to the band."

"Afterwards we're going swimming. Wanna come?" Duck asked the band.

Abi smiled, and then hissed, "What are you doing?"

"I'll pass, i'm going to talk with some other producers" said Roslyn or a unknown girl that Abi doesn't know about. "I'm going to the hot springs then..wait maybe the spa then the springs.." Said Kiki. "Sure, its been a while since the boys and I went for a swim" said Sparrow.

"Well, I'll let you finish practice. I still have to make sure that nothing is opened." Duck sat down and crossed her legs.

Abi smiled sheepishly.

"Would you like to sit too? Or would you like to open something completely against my request just for the fun of it?"

Abi sat down, and started observing.

"Well, what will you play for us?" She asked sparrow.

Abi watched sheepishly. "Please?" she asked.

"How about you play one of your old songs?" Asked duck.

Abi shrugged her shoulders. She just wanted to hear music.

They played a few songs, but ended once a knock came at the door.

"Hey Abi! Can you get it?" Asked duck.

Abi walked to the door and opened it.

Promptly, a full bucket of maple syrup and glitter fell on her head.

"Who the..?" Abi asked, covered in a sticky liquid. She removed some from her eyes, so she could see, but couldn't bring herself to turn around. "This isn't funny!" Abi screeched.

Kiki laughed then face palmed. "You said not to open anything and you just broke your own rule. Also..i think it would be good if you go to the springs, the hit water will replenish your skin and it will clean you from the stickness and glitteriness" she said as she looked outside if anyone was there. "I wonder if that was Madel" she said to herself.

"The glitter is." Duck chuckled. This was just like her cream and feather incident! This was getting really annoying.

Abi couldn't bring herself to turn around. She felt like crying, screaming or even punching someone.

"I look like a mess!" Abi complained.

"That's what the hot springs are for. Let's go." Said duck.

Abi refused to move. She didn't want to turn around.

"I get it, you don't want to turn around, just walk forward, and we'll follow."

"I don't know..I look..I feel...horrible."

"You can go in early and take a dive so most of it is washed out by the time we see you."

Abi nodded and headed to the hot springs, before she did, she then told everyone, "This never happened."

Abi reached the hot springs, and immedetly took off the maple syrup stained dress. She had been wearing her pink and black swimsuit underneath. She immedetly jumped into the hot water. The mess on her hair magiclly was disapearing. Abi gave a sigh of releif.

Duck yelled from the practice hut,

" can we see you yet? Or is it not off yet?"

"Just give me a minuet." Abi mumbled.


Sparrow walked over to her and licked Abi's lips. "Mmmmmm..tasty.." He said as he smirked at

Abi rolled her eyes, and then told Duck. "I think you guys can come here now..I don't look like a mess. Seriously..Who did that?!"

"Sparrow, there might be some leftover glitter." Said duck.

"I think this is starting to be ironic." Abi realised. "Duck got covered in cream and feathers..I got covered in maple syrup and glitter..I think whatever got thrown at me is supposed to represent our personalities." She looked to Kiki. "I think you may be next"

"I bet she'll be covered in something like fish guts, you know. Her being a cat and all. I get me getting covered in feathers, because I signed under the name duck. But how does syrup relate to you?" Asked duck.

"Well..I was born in the autumn..I have a sister called Autumn..I talk to trees..I didn't say that.." Abi thought out loud.

Kiki went for a walk in the woods then she found herself in front of some creature. She turned her head at it then she tried to walk past it then she got stuck in some jam. "Hmm..Mad Jam?" She wondered

Abi felt stupid, she just told everyone that she spoke to trees.

Back at he springs, everyone was having a good time. Duck was doing duck impressions, and some of sparrows band was trying to do a try to hold your breath underwater contest.

Abi rolled her eyes. "Duck..stop it" she moaned. "Its not funny."

"Okay. They think it's funny though." She motioned to the ducks following her and the people laughing. "So, any leads for the unwanted makeovers?"

"I'm theorising Kitty Chesire..or one of the royals.." Abi mumbled.

Kiki ate herself free with some help with some cats from the enchanted forest. She ran really fast to the springs with she stopped when she heard someone behind her. "What do you want?" She asked. "Just here to creep things up.." Said the person. "What are you gonna do?" Asked Kiki. "Just here for a hug" said the voice. "A hug?" She asked. The. Person hugged Kiki. Kiki wiggled away then she ran to the hot spring but she tripped and rolled in front of the hot springs.

"Hey Kiki." Abi smiled.

"Where were you?" Asked Duck

Kiki was very un happy she got up growled then she disappeared but you could still hear her growling. She went back to her dorm and took a shower. Kiki changed into a two piece bathing suit. Her ears disappeared and her tail and wiskers too. She got her purse then she walked to the hot springs. Kiki was still unhappy but she entered the water and put her bag on the land.

"So I'm guessing you got pranked? Do you know who did it?"

"Nothing can be worce than maple syrup." Abi grumbled. "I think I have some still in my hair..I sound so vein. Whoever did it, knows us well."

Kiki sat under the water. "If Kiki Lala is under water and she is unhappy then she will totally win the contest. Also be careful, an unhappy Lala will might be the last thing you see" said Sparrow. "I'm still terrified oh what she did to me last time..i still have that fear of going in the kitchen" said one of the band members.

Abi cracked up, but then stopped herself. "Wait. What incident?" Abi asked, she turned to Kiki. "Don't kill me...maybe I could interest you in Bird-Boy?"

Kiki popped back up. She growled but then she said "He is yours, he always is.." "Good, you know Abi is only for me" said Sparrow as he wrapped his arm around Abby. Kiki sighed then she put her mouth underwater. She tried to relax but she couldn't.

"Yeah, who else would know that I prefer Granola bars over lollipops?" Duck noticed the girls staring at her." The kitchen is running low. Stop staring."

Abi laughed, "I sometimes question how you put up with him all this time, Kiki." she added. "I still wanna know about this kithen incident!"

"Yes, explain. This should be interesting."

Kiki hissed at Sparrow and the boys then she went underwater. "Protect me Abi!" Said Sparrow as she hugged Abby closely. "K-Kiki was siting in the kitchen of Madel's, they are childhood friends by the way, anyways, Kiki was eating Madel's Mad Jam sandwhich which Madel made for Kiki, we came to vist Kiki and Madel for summer. I accidently made her jam explode, mad jam is very sensitive, Kiki got so upset that she turned into a giant cat and she almost killed me.." Said one of the bad members.

"Wow. Will you ever do that to us?" Asked duck to Kiki.

"Thats.." Abi responded. "Thats probably the most...awesome thing I've ever heard in my life. I think I'm starting to have a fair load of respect for Kiki-Lala."

"What else have you done to scar these guys for life?" Asked duck.

Abi rolled her eyes.

Kiki sensed someone coming so she jumped out of the hot spring and she tackled the person. She saw that it was Madel and it was really akward because Madel was under Kiki. Kiki got up quickly and ran all the way to the bottom of the water. She was blushing so mutch that she was so noticeable under the water.

"Erm.." Abi mumbled "What the hex did I just whitness?" Abi saw Kiki hiding under water, and mumbled. "Either thats a huge fish..or Kiki's under there. Excuse me." Abi then dived under the water and tried to pull Kiki upwards.

"Madel, have you, by any chance, been pranking us?" Asked duck.

Kiki resisted a lot but she finally went up. She was still blushing but she tried to hide in the water. "Yeah, it was fun seeing you girls messing and sticky" said Madel.

Abigail growled. She lept out of the springs and lunged herself at Madel. "Who do you think you are?" Abi screamed at him. "What the hex have I ever done to you?"

"Well, you made us look like fools. What are your explanations?"

"Just the way it always has to be. Whenever Miss Blushy pants over there makes friends, i always put pranks on them" said Madel. "Thats the reason they always leave.." Said Kiki, she stopped blushing then she started to weep. "What?" Asked Madel.

Abi snapped.

She threw a punch at Madel and then started attacking him. "Get. A. Life!" Abi screamed. "So I can freaking take it from you!"

"Oww, hey stop that, if you want me to stop pranking you then stop being friends with Kilala" said Madel blocking herself from Abby's punches. Kiki started to cry then she ran up a tree and stayed there fora while.

"Can I tell you something, whatever your name is?" Abi asked. "I would rather lose the remaining credibility I have, any chance of getting a boyfriend, heck, my place in royal society for a friend. I may be a little robber girl...but I'm also one girl you don't wanna mess with. Don't make me ruin that pretty...if you could call it that..little face of yours."

"You'd rather want to loss a friend than be pranked every day of your life in ever after high". Said Madel

"You really don't know me, do you?" Abi snapped. "I've been through hell and back, trust me, a little boy's perfetic games won't make a difference. Now clear off!"

"Fine, fine, hope your happy with your decision" said Madel. He got up and walked away into the woods. Kiki kept crying of her past and what Madel did to her.

Abi smiled, and turned back to face the boys. "So..anyway...That never happened."

Abi and gave her giant hug, then he said "your so brave!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!"

"Meh." Abi shrugged it off. "I gotta go find Kiki, be back when I can"

Abi then started to run after her friend, she forgot where Kiki had ran off to.

"Isn't that the guy that Kiki has a crush on? Or am I just crazy?" Asked duck.

Abi found Kiki, she approached her, and smiled sympaheticly. "Hey Kiki."

Duck had followed, and felt slightly out of place. In this, she was definitely the third wheel. She hung back and watched.

"Sniff..hey Abi" she said. Kiki stopped crying then she twitched for. Second then she was back to normal. "So, Duck, Abi, what would you guys like to do..please pick something...far...far..far away from guys", she said as she twitched a bit.

"Should we do something that boys hate, like blind makeovers or chick flicks? Or something that would tarnish their ego?" Asked duck.

Abi shrugged her shoulders. "I hate chic flicks."

"Don't worry. That stupid boy has been taken care of."

"Well, what will we do? The blind makeovers are still on the table." Said duck.

"Well. We can't do much. We're still in our swim suits." Abi indicated her outfit. "I can't get over how I beat up a guy in a swimming cossie.."

"You did a good job, so you could live in the glory of that. We can kick the guys out and keep swimming."

Abi shrugged her shoulders and then turned to Kiki. "What do you wanna do?"

MeredithAgnesPoe Abi then smiled. She put a hand through her hair, the maple syrup had solidified in her hair. Abi sighed, "As much as I'd love to continue this day with you guys..I need to go and save my hair from certain doom." she turned around and started to walk away, but she then stoppped. "Oh..and guys?"

"Yes Abi?" Asked Kiki. She took a piece of the tree the turned it into a ball of yarn. "Try to use hot water on the maple syrup. The syrup will melt then you can fix your hair." Said Kiki to Abi for advice on the hair.

"So what shall we do now? I'm fine with whatever you choose as long as boys aren't involved"

"Well, I'll be going to Underland and talks with Madel..maybe kill him or so..I'll be back in three weeks((Underland)) but in this realm three weeks is going to be two hours! So I'll see you soon!" Said Kiki. She waved at Duck, gave her a small hug the she disappeared.

"So,Abi, how about some blind makeovers?" Asked duck.

Abi laughed, and then said to duck, "Totally."

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