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THIS FANFICTION IS NOW CONSIDERED OUTDATED The rifleverse is a series of stories surrounding Hunter Huntsman, Ashlynn Ella and Cerise Hood. In this series, Cerise is a huge fan of firearms, especially rifles, and drags Hunter and Ashlynn into her hobby. While the series develop, Hunter and Ashlynn eventually reveal their secret to Cerise, and Cerise reveals a little secret of her own...


  • Cerise Hood, the protagonist. She is more than slightly obsessed with rifle shooting.
  • Hunter Huntsman, a good friend of hers. He's the one who gets her the magazine.
  • Ashlynn Ella, Hunter's secret girlfriend. Because of Cerise, Ashlynn loves rifle shooting.5
  • Daring Charming... WAIT WHY IS HE ON THE LIST? Will he play an important role in the story?


Cerise Goes Rifle ShootingEdit

One day, Hunter was sitting in the library, playing Minecraft Survival Mode, when Cerise texts him asking to borrow some magazines for her rifle. Hunter quits his Minecraft, gets the magazines, and drags Ashlynn along to try Cerise's hobby of shooting. Ashlynn, who is righthanded, happens to like it. Thus begins the Rifleverse Alternate Universe, and all hell breaks loose.

You can read it here

Cerise Hates The Full MoonEdit

to be released


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