Linda Goodwitch picked up her lunch tray and looked down at her meal. She started to walk, not noticing the leg that was jutting out from the side of a lunch table.

It happened unusually fast, with a sharp pain in her calf, to a dropping in her stomach, to the warm ness of mashed potatoes on her cheek. She felt a severe pain on her stomach and chin.

She heard cries of laughter, and scowled at the embarrassed feeling that overtook her. She felt a warm hand pat her shoulder, and an equally warm voice asked if she was okay. Linda slowly lifted her head. "Yes, and thanks for-" she stopped mid-sentence, and gaped at the sight.

She saw a girl about her age with a concerned look on her face. The face was green. Linda has been searching for green skin since she was six. She scrambled to a standing position and let out a smile. So these were the perks of dropping a tray.

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