The Donkeh Boiz (In General)Edit

The Donkeh Boiz are the sons and daughters of the victims in Toyland from the Adventures of Pinocchio. They are awesome, fab, and the reason why Larry acts like he is a drunk pimp.

They worship Abigail Thief, Larry Esel, Rouge Deerling, and Rolana Candeliere

They normally travel in a huge group, like a herd. They always follow Larry around and give him advice on how to treat his girlfriend. 


Larry Esel

Rolana Candeliere

Luciana "Luci" Candeliere

Matteo Asino

Romia Candeliere

Gary Esel

Sherri Esel

Cherrie Esel

Jenna Asina

Jack Assenus

Brayden Asina

Jackson Baudet

Jennie Assenus


Fant-ass-tic - Fantastic

A-mule-zing - amusing

Puzz-ass - Pazzass

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The Donkeh Boiz (Band) Edit


Brayden Asina- Lead singer

Rolana Candeliere - Side singer (only in a few songs)

Larry Esel - Drums

Luciana "Luci" Candeliere - Bass


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