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Chapter 1- All EarsEdit

The day ever after getting out of the hospital, Rolana woke up in her own bed. But something felt off about everything. 

She saw her roommate Isle sleeping in her bed, and smiled. Lana walked over and her mouth dropped. 

Isle had ears. Donkey ears. And a tail to match. Lana noticed the carrot that Islebella was grasping onto while asleep. 

Lana couldnt help but crack up inside. 

Isle woke up, and looked up at Lana. "What do you want" She asked.

Lana pointed to her ears. 

Isle tugged at her ears and screamed in horror. "EARS? HOW DO I HAVE EARS?" She yelled. "Karma, Bella." Lana giggled.

Bella brayed sadly, and walked into the kitchen. She walked out with a bunch of carrots.

Lana laughed, and felt she would get used to Bella being a donkey now. 

Chapter 2- Not Always a Happy EndingEdit

Rolana walked down the halls with Cedar Wood, who she has had different opinions about. 

Rolana likes Cedar Wood, but she cant understand why she would Rebel, atlease she has a happily ever after. 

Rolana knows she will be hanged, burned, and swallowed by a shark but she still gets to be a real girl in the end of her story, but Rolana dies.

In the past, Rolana was all ears for her destiny, just to make Cedar happy. But then she found out Cedar was a rebel, which made her a bit upset. 

She had pledged to die for Cedar's happily ever after, and now doesnt think she really appreciated it. 

She still bes nice to Cedar, but hides the fact she feels this way. 

Rolana is the always the one with the short end of the stick, the one who gets disiplined for everything that happens around her. 

But Everything was going to change

Chapter 3- Destined to DieEdit

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