All the times of Love and Tears

Burdened my soul through out the years

True love, heart ache, heartbreak show,

Since the day I let my love go.

She took away all sad and cold

with her sunshine smile and heart of gold

From the first day I saw her smile

It made my heart leap for quite a while

If we could be together

I would treasure her forever

I will be grateful

Even when times are distasteful. 

Years had went by

To this day I cry

My soul faded to black

When she didnt love me back. 

Now she moved on,

With her husband and newborn son

I sit under a tree

while she forgets about me. 

But when she resists

That I do exist

Even after those days

I still love her anyways

Then all of it changed

My marriage was erranged

I no longer have virgin waters

Now 2 sons and 3 daughters

She is gone out of my life

Replacing her with trouble and strife

She thinks of me less

As I undergo stress

People say true love is a game

That it goes as it comes the same

Every night at eleven eleven

I pray that we both can be together in heaven. 

I regret to this day

I cry and I pray

I have pulled the lever

now we cant be together...

Even when going through the woe

My love for her will grow and grow

I will make sure this is so,

Even if I let my love go. 

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