Quotation1 Just because I'm small doesn't mean I'm weak! I can handle myself. Quotation2

Physical DescriptionEdit

Thalia has hair she dyed a rich red, which is usually worn up in a bun. She will only wear it down on Legacy Day. Thalia has dark purple eyes, or so it seems. She just wears purple contacts, while she really has deep blue eyes. Thalia's actual hair color is a golden-blonde. She has more of a tan skin. 

She is about six or seven inches tall. 


Thalia Thumb is very sassy, and can have quite the temper, completely unlike her sweet mother. One trait she inherited from her mother is her immense curiousity. She will not hesitate to try something new, and can be sort of an adreniline junky. 

Thalia hates her story more than anything in the world. She loves her mother, but she doesn't want to be anything like her at all. That is why she dyed her hair and wears purple contacts.

She thinks her story is completely stupid: She gets kidnapped by a toad so she can marry the toad's son, and escapes only to be captured again by a smooth-talking beetle! The beetle realizes his friends hate her and discards her into the cold of winter. Thalia always shivers at the part in the story when she nearly dies out in the cold. A nice field mouse takes her in, and then wants her to marry a mole. 

Romantic lifeEdit

Though her story gets a "happy" ending, not everyone is so happy about it. Jacques B'lue, son of the Bluebird from her story, has been in love with Thumbelina/Thalia since the beginning of the story, and gets his heart broken when Thumbelina/Thalia falls in love with the Flower-Fairy prince. 

Thalia would choose is be with Jacques B'lue in any situation. She loves how gentle, and sweet he is to her. 

Her Fairy-Flower Prince is very arrogant and she actually dislikes him. 


When Thalia went to the Enchanted Forest, she had no idea what would be her pet. It turned out her pet was a gorgeous bluebird. Thalia nearly started crying when she saw it, because of all her emotion towards Jacques. 

She named the bird Collette and grew to care about her deeply. 


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