A New Orientation Edit

My mother always thought that I was well-raised and that my sister and I had learned how to become a good and nice person throughout of days of childhood but she was quite wrong in a small bit of her thoughts. Sure, my sister, Aria, grew up and became exactly what our mother wanted but me, on the other hand, had second thoughts about what to become when I grew up and moved to Ever After High. After watching people in Toyland have fun, have no work and be their selves, I figured out that there was much more to life than being a good person for all eternity, even in your destinies. I might seem like a little good girl in front of my mom but without her, I'm a rebellious and fun girl who wants to take risks and see what life has to offer her. 

Aria thought my new determination was caused by my break up with Derek but that's not it and I've told her several times that I have gotten over him and the dramatic break up but she just keeps doubting it. Sure, I might have had gotten into depression for a few days but now I'm starting from scartch but I don't think she knows that despite I've gotten over the break up, it stills kind of bothers me when we mention or talk about it. 

But right now, I have some bigger problems. I need to live my life at Ever After High as much as I can to get to my real dreams, not like how our mother sees them; us being goody two dancing shoes and all. 

So I have no idea what am I waiting for. Let's get to the part where I find out where life is going to take me!

Chapter OneEdit


Chapter TwoEdit


Chapter ThreeEdit


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