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Terry's question

My name is Terry, i am daughter of one of the boys who went to Toyland in Pinocchio. I cant stand how i am always bossed around by my big brother Larry just because he is the second oldest. 

Portrayers Edit

Her Voice and Live Action Portrayer would be G. Hannelius who does Avery on Dog with a Blog

G Hannelius

G Hannelius, Terry's portrayal



Terry is a very fun spunky just turned teenager. She is very nice to people yet can get into trouble at times. She is also very naive and mischevious, and has many questions about teenage girl life and boys. She also doesnt really understand the whole 'war' with the royals and the rebels.  She hopes its over by the time she gets into highschool. 

Appearance Edit

Terry has blonde hair and blue eyes, a pair of red donkey ears and a tail. Most people say she looks a lot like her mother before she died. 


The Adventures of Pinocchio

How does Terry come into it?Edit

A few years after the triplets were born, Cherry and Harry still wanted to make love, resulting in her and her twin sister Carrie. 



Harry EselEdit

Harry Esel is Terry's father and only caretaker besides her brothers and sisters.

Cherry Jennifer EselEdit

Cherry Esel, mostly known as "Ms Jennifer", is Terry's deceased mother. 

Larry EselEdit

She wishes he can just go away a lot of times. He is super bossy to her and tells her what to do all the time. 

Gary EselEdit

She prefers Gary over Larry

Lauren EselEdit

She rarely ever sees her sister since their mom died. Its like she isolated herself to deny her mom's death. 

Carrie EselEdit

Carrie is Terry's twin sister--though they dont look at all the same they were born at the same time-- and arch rival. 

Sherri EselEdit

Sherri Esel is the oldest Esel kid who dropped out of Ever After High in her Legacy Year since Larry was more eligable for the part. 


Dane DemonicEdit

he is one of her friends, but they rarely see eachother since he goes to a different school. 

Margherita LilmanEdit

Margherita likes to follow Terry around and listens to her rage moments. 


her crush is unknown. 


She is not really fond of Faerydae Splintre, Jaina Wocky, or Belladonna Lukoje


  • What inspired her was Yuka Mochida from Corpse Party. 
  • Her birthday is on june 27th

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