Tabitha Mallard is the daughter of  one of the Ugly Duckling's sisters, from the Hans Christian Andersen tale "The Ugly Duckling".


Tabitha is a tad shy, and scared of what everybody thinks of her. At times she can stand up for herself, but to most, she seems as if she'll snap and try to hurt everybody, as she hurts poor Cynthea in her story. She can pick a mean arguement thought, and most likely would win, having a love for persuading people and being a fan of writing speaches.


Tabitha has light blonde curly hair that reaches her waist, and when touches can feel as light as feathers. She has dark brown eyes and thick eyelashes. She is the average size for her age, and extremly light in her weight. Her skin is very pale, meaning she is easily sunburnt.


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Tabitha is the daughter of one of the Ugly Ducklings sisters , thought many years down the track from the original sister. Her father was a lovely and caring man, but died when she was only 3.


Due to Tabitha scared of what everybody thinks of her, she'd rather not have any friends due to the fact she thinks she knows they think she'll hurt them.


Tabitha has a cute, and loyal peacock, thought her peacock named Salty isn't a dog or a cat, Tabitha treats Salty like her best friend.


Tabitha may have a crush on someone, but she'd rather not say who.



Her basic outfit would be a cute, simple blue dress that goes to the knees as an under-dress, then she has a feather vest that continues on as a short cape, and it finishes a bit off the knees. She wears a blue jewel sticker next to her left eye, and around her ankles and wrists she has a line of the same blue jewel stickers, that she replaces every single day. She wears a pait of white sandal/thong/heel (or sanoneel as i like to call it) on her feet.

Legacy DayEdit



  • Tabitha may be bisexual, but she may also be straight or hetrosexual, since she hasn't shown much sign of liking anyone.
  • Though most likely obvious and unneeded to be said, Mallard is the name of a species of duck, of which are the descendants of most domestic ducks today.
  • People often name their child Tabitha if they are "Childlike" or "Cute" but they may name there child other names for other reasons.

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