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T. Ringer when acorns drop for the tree that they were using to make carriges.

T. Ringer is the daughter of Tinker Bell from the fairytale Peter Pan.

Character Edit

Personality Edit

T. is creative and loving. She is also friendly.


T. has blonde short curly hair and rosy red cheeks.

Fairy tale –Peter PanEdit

How The Story GoesEdit

To summarize, a boy won't grow up.

How Does T. Fit Into It?Edit

After the events of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell had T.



T. and her mother are very close.


T. 's best friend and only friend is Pearl Pan.


T. has a pet frog named Crocus.


T. isn't into romance.


Ersilia has two main outfits:


T. wears a yellow flower dress and yellow shoes with little pom-poms.

Legacy DayEdit

She wears a yellow flower in her hair and a short green dress. She also wears green shoes with pom-poms.

Getting FairestEdit

A yellow robe.


  • T.'s birthday is the 25th of May.




  • T. was made by a friend of DevineDotties, but is represented by DevineDotties, who is the person to go to if you would like to talk about T.

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