Sweet is the daughter of the princess and the pea. A sensitive girl who really lives up to her name.



She's a bit bubbly and very expressive. Sweet is not very intimidating when she gets angry but really sweet when she's happy. She wears her heart on her sleeve and doesn't really think much before acting. She doesn't have much of a thick skin and well... gets her feelings hurt rather easilyEdit


She's mixed with tight curls all over her head. She has big brown eyes that shine. She has a petite body figure. Her motif of stars in a pink and green color schemeEdit



Princess Pea from the Princess and the Pea is her mother


Chicory O'Hair - Daughter of Rapunzel 

Kaya Mayden - Daughter of the Snow Maiden


No Pets currently -- Skin is too sensitive!


No crushes yet!

Clothes Edit


Sweet wears a long dress with a tulle underskirt. It has a moon and stars on the bottom left. The stars are in green and the dress is in pink. She has a double green sash around her waist. She has a bow in her hair that looks like an open pea pod in pink with a little green pea in the center.

Legacy DayEdit

n/a as of yet

Getting FairestEdit

She wears a long nightgown in silk with fuzzy pink slippers


  • She's super duper sensitive and can only use special lotions


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